Tuesday, 09 August 2022 15:43

Bread prices to increase between 2021 and 2022

Written by Evelyn Alas

Danilo Pérez, director of the Centro para la Defensa del Consumidor (CDC), informed this morning that the products to make french bread or sweet bread have increased, in the case of vegetable butter, the 50 pound box in may 2021 cost US$26 and as of july of this year it is at US$55.50, that is an increase of 113%.


The strong flour, 50 pound bag cost US$15.50 in the same period, now it is at US$23, an increase of 48% and the soft flour, 50 pounds were last year at US$14.25 and now US$22.50, an increase of 57.89%.

According to Perez, these are average market prices, in the case of the 30-unit carton egg as of may 2021 it was at US$2.50 and now it is at US$4.50, the 30-unit medium egg was at US$2.33 and today consumers buy it at US$4.20.

For oil, a 443-milliliter bag was US$0.77 in the store and today it is purchased at US$1.16, an increase of 50%.

A quintal of corn cost US$17.20 in June 2022 and now costs US$29.50, an increase of 71.50%.

Red silk beans used to cost US$56.40 per quintal and today they cost US$86.30, an increase of 53%.

Danilo Perez affirms that the price increases, especially of corn and beans, are due to food speculation.

He calls on the authorities to take greater measures, so that salvadorans can improve their food life, because there are many who no longer eat bread and only eat tortillas and beans.