Wednesday, 16 November 2022 21:25

Fundación Renacer marks the beginning of the "Creando Esperanza" program for the sixth generation of young beneficiaries during the year 2023

Written by Evelyn Alas

Fernando Poma, vice president and executive director of Fundación Renacer, kicked off today the sixth generation of the "Creando Esperanza" program, which will help and train 84 young residents of children's homes, who are forced to leave the care of these institutions because they have reached the age of majority. They also thanked the 34 partner companies for their support in the training of the young participants of the sixth generation of the "Creando Esperanza" program.

In order to improve their condition and future, Fundación Renacer's program will provide 12 months of training in technical skills such as English, computers, programming languages, personal finance, as well as soft skills, values and psychological support during the process.

In addition, the program has the great benefit of guaranteeing these young people a job at the end of their training. To date, 5 generations equivalent to 209 young people have graduated, where 98% of the graduates have been placed in jobs or have continued with their higher education.


"Since the beginning of the "Creando Esperanza" program, we have worked with partner companies to provide hope and a future to more than 200 young salvadorans. Today we mark the beginning of the sixth generation of the 'Creando Esperanza' program where we will prepare 84 people for life outside the home, providing them with knowledge, training them in areas such as marketing, accounting, cooking, automotive mechanics, among others, under the methodology 'learning by doing' and guaranteeing them a job according to their interests and skills and thus change lives", said Fernando Poma, vice president and executive director of Fundación Renacer.

For this edition, we have the support of 34 allied companies that support with resources and provide space for technical training within their companies, among which stand out: ACSA, AFP Confía, Applaudo Studios, Arias Law, Autofácil, Banco Agrícola, Banco Atlántida, Banco Cuscatlán, Banco de América Central, COEX, Construcciones Nabla, Credicomer, Excel Automotriz, Fundación Aristos, Grupo Roble, Hospital de Diagnóstico, Hotel Quality, Hotel InterContinental, Hugo, Infrasal, JJ Café, Laboratorios Pharmedic, Laca Laca, Latitude Solutions, N1CO, ORG Arquitectura Construcciones, ORTUS Solutions, Papa Johns, QUDOX, Solaire, Softnet, Telefónica, Tigo and Torrefactora de Centroamérica.

In addition, agreements have been reached with more than 130 companies to hire young graduates.

Fundación Renacer is working to increase the number of young people benefited in each generation and to graduate 100 people per class in the short term. It also plans in the near future to expand its operation to other countries in the Central American region and thus change more lives.

The foundation is especially grateful to the partner companies that contribute to the training of these young people and offers an email to join this work This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.