Thursday, 24 November 2022 16:57

Study by Crecer and Sura am highlights the importance of the family as a driving force for individuals

Written by Evelyn Alas

As a way to learn more about people, their motivations and what inspires them, Crecer released the results of the study "Barometer on the reason for being in Latin America".

The study was developed by Sura Asset Management (SURA AM), through surveys conducted with people in 6 Latin American countries: Colombia, Chile, Mexico, Peru, Uruguay and El Salvador.

"Through these studies we seek to know the state of the people when faced with fundamental questions about their purpose and this broadens our perspective on the social, political and economic challenges facing the country and the region", said Ruth de Solórzano, Executive President of Crecer.

One of the data that caught our attention is that, since the isolation forced by the Covid 19 pandemic, people are perceiving and valuing more what is related to the personal sphere, what is close to their lives, and a little less the aspects related to life in society.

What the "Reason for Being" Barometer tells us about El Salvador

When questioned about their purpose in life, 84% declared to be interested in their reason for being in the world, and 60% of those surveyed recognized that they are completely oriented towards achieving their purpose in life.

Sixty-two percent of the respondents emphasize that their purpose is self-improvement, understood as the development or improvement of being a better person, a better version of themselves or a better professional.

The family remains as the factor that Salvadorans value the most and its care is what they are most proud of, family welfare and support is one of the purposes that most motivates the daily actions of those surveyed.

Therefore, it is not surprising that the family is considered the key element to connect with the purpose in life of individuals, followed by studies and the workplace.

From the point of view of their own well-being, the economic issue is the most relevant for respondents with 15% of mentions, versus the emotional or physical, which obtain 6% each.

Sixty percent of those interviewed say they are recognized and remunerated for their ability to learn new things constantly.

When asked about the challenges and motivations facing the world, from the point of view of Salvadorans, 33% identified environmental care and 39% expressed a predisposition to invest personal time for its care.

Innovation continues to be a challenge for many salvadorans, only 14% say that developing innovative projects is easy to do and makes them proud. These results highlight the need to integrate individual and collective purpose, a mission in which leaders of households, work teams and the community can contribute and drive, in order to strengthen society.

Crecer encourages salvadorans to follow their purpose

Taking into account what people have contributed about their purpose and as an incentive to continue working for it, Crecer and SURA Asset Management will hold the seventh edition of the CRECER-SURA SUMMIT 2022 on december 1st.

This year, there will be two renowned experts, with a great trajectory and very influential in the international arena. The main speaker of the event will be the renowned writer and leadership guru Simon Sinek, author of "Start with Why" and "The Golden Circle", who will speak in a delayed conversation about the challenges that human beings face today, in a context as challenging as that of Latin America under the title: The power of your decisions creates the future.

In the prelude to the conversation with Simon Sinek, attendees or those who wish to watch the broadcast will be able to listen to Benjamin Sywulka, Director of Prototyping at SoundHound, Founder of Hapi and expert in Systemic Innovation, who will explain how in this volatile environment, organizations and individuals can consider, initiate or deepen their innovation actions, having a meaningful purpose at the center.

In this way, CRECER provides valuable contributions to inspire and motivate people in search of strengthening the inner strength that allows them to continue with their life purposes, to access this event in virtual mode can access the following link:

Translated by: A.M