Friday, 10 February 2023 04:09

33 salvadorans to work in the U.S. through the Movilidad Laboral program

Written by Evelyn Alas

Thirty-three salvadorans from different parts of our territory traveled to Florida, United States, where they will work for a period of 10 months, as a result of the Movilidad Laboral Program through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

This new group of salvadorans will work as cleaners in hotels and maintenance of kitchen areas, under contract with a company dedicated to provide these services.

The beneficiaries were selected for the second time under this labor scheme.


In his speech, the director of Diaspora and Development, Gerardo Pérez, said that the Central Government seeks to provide a safe option for salvadorans to migrate and return to the country with their families and invest in their land.

This group of salvadorans are part of a new project that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is working on together with the US government, and that the beneficiaries make the most of this opportunity.

As part of the process they must follow, the salvadorans of the Movilidad Laboral Program, participated in an informative talk where they obtained relevant information to keep in mind during the time they will be outside our borders, period in which they will be accompanied by the consular representation of El Salvador in Florida.


Likewise, they received from this State portfolio their respective passports with the work visas that will enable them to be part of this offer of employability abroad, in a safe, orderly, regular and circular way; an alternative with which this management seeks to contribute to improve the quality of life of the population.

"This is my second experience traveling to the United States, I was as a waitress. My goal was to start a business here in El Salvador, because thanks to God I started with my store and this second time I hope to invest in land to build my house", said Josselyn Alfaro, who is originally from the municipality of Mejicanos, San Salvador.


Translated by: A.M