Tuesday, 06 September 2022 16:29

TELUS International protects water reservoir in La Magdalena Natural Protected Area

Written by Paty Salinas

TELUS International El Salvador, together with the Asociación Salvadoreña Pro Salud Rural and Helps International, celebrated the IV Eco TELUS Days of Giving (ECO TDOG) on august 28th in the protected natural area La Magdalena, department of Santa Ana; where they strengthened the wooded area with the planting of 500 native trees, the installation of 75 wood saving stoves and an equal number of water purifying filters to create a positive impact to protect an area that supplies water to many families and is the ecosystem of many animal and plant species. This event is a continuation of the support initiated in 2021, where TELUS International financed the donation of 75 wood-saving stoves and water purifying filters for an equal number of families.

This edition of ECO TELUS Days of Giving had two important allies, first, the Asociación Salvadoreña Pro-Salud Rural (ASAPROSAR), who was primarily responsible for providing technical assistance for the selection and planting of native species that were placed in the area; among which can be highlighted mahogany, black and white cortés, cedar, maquilishuat and other species. In addition, the organization is the community liaison with the families to be benefited. Helps International, a specialized partner, was in charge of guiding the training and installation of the wood-saving stoves and water purifying filters, which will have a positive impact on the environment.


"It is truly a pleasure to be able to carry out this activity that feeds the spirit of TELUS International's work in El Salvador and reminds us how valuable our culture of volunteerism is, as we focus together on dedicating part of our time to caring for natural resources. In this case, La Magdalena Natural Protected Area. For keeping our essence of solidarity alive, I want to thank everyone - but especially the more than 150 TELUS International volunteers - for their energy, time and dedication to make this project a reality", said José Calderón, VP of Operations for TELUS International El Salvador, during the event.

La Magdalena is a protected natural area between the municipalities of Chalchuapa and Candelaria de la Frontera, where there is an important water recharge area that benefits the surrounding communities such as Casa Blanca, Monte Oscuro, San Isidro, El Pital and Las Delicias. That is why this project is so important, because thanks to the contribution of TELUS International and its allies, a reservoir with the most important resource for human life: water, will be taken care of.

The hydrology of the area is made up of several stationary streams and springs that are used by the surrounding communities as sources of drinking water. Among the most important rivers are El Naranjal and El Jute, which belong to the Pampe River sub-basin. Without a doubt, this project will also have a positive impact on the fauna that inhabits this ecosystem, such as birds, striped skunks, owls, lion birds, etc.

"We are convinced that we did not make a mistake in selecting this project, because we will make a positive impact in favor of a natural area that supplies water to many families and makes it possible for this ecosystem to remain alive for future generations. I know that this will not be the only time that the TELUS International family contributes to the care of the environment, because the best thing about our volunteering is that we managed to infect many people with our spirit of solidarity and we are happy to be physically together again giving back to the place where we live and work", said Fiorella Amaya, Corporate Social Responsibility Manager of TELUS International El Salvador.

Helps International will do a specialized follow-up of all the wood-saving stoves and water purifying filters, true to its commitment to ensure that the new technology is accepted and taken advantage of by the families in the community. ASAPROSAR, through its forest rangers, will guard the reforestation area and will be in charge of the care and maintenance of the species placed during the event. TELUS International is committed to continue working in the area, with its strategic allies.