Monday, 27 February 2023 15:44

Davivienda continues its commitment to sustainability through its program “Universidades Sostenibles 2030”

Written by Evelyn Alas

Banco Davivienda reaffirms its commitment to sustainability by executing the second edition of the program "Universidades Sostenibles 2030"; with which it seeks to support salvadoran higher education institutions to become more sustainable in the next decade. Representatives from various universities throughout the country participated in the launching of the program.

This program is unique in its kind for promoting the integration of the sustainability approach to institutional and academic management; as well as for the public to which it is addressed; in addition, it is part of the sustainability strategy developed by Davivienda in El Salvador, and is based on globally relevant schemes such as the Principios de Educación Responsable para la Gestión (PRME), promoted by the United Nations Global Compact.


The implementation of the program involves the development of topics, projects and training on good administrative governance practices (such as gender, independence, values, etc.); environmental (resource and waste management, sources of emissions, purchasing and procurement) and social (inclusion of low-income people, breastfeeding, action against harassment, accessibility for people with disabilities).

To advance in the commitment of this program, a road map has been drawn up that includes ongoing work with the universities that are already part of the program, and strategic planning with the higher education centers that will join.

"At Davivienda we want to help strengthen education for sustainable development, influencing the formation of salvadorans with critical thinking, with an ethical and global outlook in the exercise of their future profession, so that they can be active and committed citizens in a triple dimension: economic, social and environmental", said Gerardo Simán, executive president of Davivienda El Salvador.

In this second edition of the program, 8 universities from all over the country will participate. In 2021, when it was first implemented, 6 universities and more than a dozen students participated.

For the universities that will participate in this second edition, the program will begin with the planning and management of the project, an evaluation will be included, and later, professors and administrative personnel will be trained to, finally, develop roadmaps.

While, for the institutions of the first edition, the work will include project planning and management, follow-up of the roadmaps, support for PRME certification and reporting of indicators.


Birgit Gerstenberg, Resident Coordinator of the United Nations System in El Salvador, said "Universities have a great role to play in sustainable development, you train thousands of young people and have the challenge of giving them messages for life, not only knowledge and values, but a new idea of the world, an enthusiasm to fight and develop an awareness of where the lifestyle we have today leads us, without compromising the rights of future generations".

For the implementation of the Universidades Sostenibles 2030 Program, Davivienda will once again count on the firm Deloitte, which is ranked first in the global ranking of consulting firms for standing out in Data and Analysis, a recognition that has been awarded for the fifth consecutive year by Gartner. Deloitte has a 175-year track record and stands out in sustainability matters; it also has a team with experience and knowledge of different industries and a comprehensive vision of the subject.

"At Davivienda we believe it is essential to work with institutions such as universities, which we can support to strengthen their sustainability strategy so that they can implement key elements of social impact. We are aware that from their research and innovation work they can generate best practice solutions based on the Sustainable Development Goals - SDGs - with the support of students and the educational community", said Gabriel Quirós, regional head of Sustainability at Davivienda.

More information about this and other activities of Banco Davivienda, can be found on the website: or through its social networks.


Translated by: A.M