Wednesday, 15 May 2024 02:55

Bancolombia leads US$6.1 million investment for sustainability in 4 Central American countries

Written by Alejandra García Ortiz
Bancolombia leads US$6.1 million investment for sustainability in 4 Central American countries Courtesy

Since the launch of its first credit with an environmental focus, the entity has delivered more than US$6.1 billion in more than 4,000 operations to support sustainable initiatives: US$4.886 billion in Colombia, US$1.015 billion in Panama, US$59.69 million in Guatemala, and US$159.22 million in El Salvador.

Since the launch of its first sustainable credit line 10 years ago in Colombia, Grupo Bancolombia has carried out more than 4,000 operations with this type of credit.

In addition, in the first quarter of 2024, more than US$431 million has been disbursed under these lines. Grupo Bancolombia's strategy has been based on sustainability, a vision that has allowed them to consolidate a business that goes beyond the management of savings, investments, and loans, to a solid financial ecosystem that drives the economy, people's dreams and the generation of opportunities for more than 30 million customers in the countries where they operate.

Under this vision, and in line with its purpose of generating well-being for all, in 2014 the Group launched its first Green Line in Colombia, since when it has been constantly evolving its strategy to accompany companies of multiple sizes, sectors and segments in all the countries where it operates for the development of projects that allow consolidating a more sustainable future.

"As a financial institution, we play a very important role in addressing the major challenges we face in our society, including climate change. That is why we have adapted to provide solutions aimed at promoting projects that contribute to the decarbonization of the economy, to make a more efficient use of resources and, in general, to build a better future for everyone", said Juan Carlos Mora, president of the Grupo Bancolombia

Currently, the Grupo Bancolombia has sustainable lines available that include financing in local currencies and dollars, factoring, hedging, financed drafts for imports, as well as tools and solutions to accompany the strengthening of sustainability as a business strategy for customers.


In El Salvador, Bancoagrícola's ambition is US$18,126.6 million, and between 2021 and 2023 they have mobilized at least US$5,033.1 million, which represents an advance of 28%. In 2023 they disbursed US$1,344.15 million on the three fronts of the purpose, of which US$806.35 million was aimed at strengthening the productive fabric, US$102.18 million for sustainable cities and communities, and US$435.61 million for financial inclusion.

During the first quarter of the year, Grupo Bancolombia continued to be a key financial ally for individuals and companies. As of march, the entity consolidated assets of COP$337 billion, as well as equity of COP$36 billion.

As a result of its activity, between january and march, Bancolombia's profits amounted to COP$1.7 billion, 3.1% less than in the same quarter of the previous year.


Translated by: A.M