Saturday, 18 May 2024 04:11

AES CAESS invests US$200 thousand in renovation and maintenance of power grid in central zone

Written by Alejandra García Ortiz

These funds will be used for quality projects and maintenance of the existing network, including the development of new circuits and the renovation of electrical infrastructure in distribution substations.

During may, AES CAESS, a company of AES El Salvador, is carrying out the modernization of electrical networks in the districts of Ilopango and Nejapa, department of San Salvador; and in Cojutepeque and Ilobasco, districts of Cuscatlán and Cabañas, respectively.


According to Carlos Trejo, Line Maintenance Supervisor of AES CAESS, these modernization works will guarantee the reliability and safety of the electric distribution service to more than 12 thousand customers. "These scheduled maintenance works allow us to optimize the network to be prepared for any contingency, especially in the rainy season we are entering", he said.


Likewise, to prevent contingencies in the distribution network, since 2021 AES distributors implement fiber optic and telecontrol technologies that allow them to manage electrical equipment and substations remotely, thus guaranteeing the continuity of the energy service.


During 2024, AES CAESS plans to invest US$3.5 million in the execution of 29 projects to improve the quality of electricity service in the departments of San Salvador, Cuscatlán, Chalatenango, and Cabañas.


In this way, AES El Salvador accelerates the future of energy in the central part of the country, bringing optimal and safe electricity service to communities, businesses and expanding industries.





Translated by: A.M