Tuesday, 11 January 2022 00:41

SISTEMA FEDECRÉDITO held the third raffle of gana fácil the promotion of salvadorans

Written by Evelyn Alas

SISTEMA FEDECRÉDITO successfully closed this day the Gana Fácil promotion with its last drawing, in which the 249 lucky winners of incredible prizes such as: 4 Volkswagen Saveiro pick up, 25 Suzuki motorcycles, 30 cash prizes of US $500.00, 40 cash prizes of US$250.00, 60 cash prizes of US $200.00 and 90 cash prizes of US$100.00 were announced.

Participating and winning in this incredible promotion was very easy, all members and clients were assigned an electronic number when performing the following financial operations: payment of monthly installments of current Loans, contracting Loans, payment of Popular Credit installments, collection of Family Remittances, opening or renewal of time deposits, opening or increasing the Crece Mujer savings account, opening or increasing a savings account, obtaining debit and credit cards of SISTEMA FEDECRÉDITO, for each US $100.00 accumulated in purchases with the FEDECRÉDITO cards, for each US $100.00 accumulated in purchases with the FEDECRÉDITO cards. $100 accumulated in purchases with the debit and credit Cards of the SISTEMA FEDECRÉDITO and for each US $75.00 accumulated in cash withdrawals with the Credit Cards of the SISTEMA FEDECRÉDITO.

Likewise, they obtained two electronic numbers when performing these financial operations in FEDE MÓVIL and FEDE BANKING, in addition to receiving an additional number when making their transfers through FEDE MÓVIL's Mi QR.

Julian Mendoza, Municipal Delegate of San Salvador, was present during the drawing to attest to the legality of the draw.

"Once again we filled our members and clients with joy with our incredible Gana Fácil promotion. This day we are closing one more edition with a flourish by announcing the 249 lucky winners of this sweepstakes. We invite all salvadorans to be part of our fabulous promotions by making use of the financial products and services offered by the Credit Unions and Workers' Banks of the Sistema Fedecrédito", said Oscar Ruano, Business Manager of FEDECRÉDITO.

SISTEMA FEDECRÉDITO has more than 790 points of attention, with presence in 195 municipalities in the country, being the 100% salvadoran financial network with greater national coverage. For more information visit www.fedecredito.com.sv or call the Call Center 2221-3333.