Friday, 14 January 2022 14:36

Avianca reduces requirements to achieve and maintain LifeMiles Elite status by 2022

Written by Evelyn Alas

This year, LifeMiles, Avianca's frequent flyer program, is being updated to allow more members to reach Elite status by reducing the requirements to maintain their status. In addition, it brings changes to the mileage accrual scheme, allowing miles to be earned based on the size of ticket purchased.

"We want more Avianca customers to be part of the best mileage accrual program in the region and enjoy the benefits that each Elite status offers. To achieve this we modified the qualification requirements for all levels, decreasing between 17 and 41% the miles required for each level, when compared to 2019. It is now easier to achieve Elite status and maintain it", said Mauricio Angulo, Chief Innovation Officer of LifeMiles.

Reduced requirements to become a member or maintain Elite status

By 2022, the requirements to achieve and maintain Elite status will be reduced by up to 41%.

Qualifying miles: Red Plus 6,500, Silver 11,500, Gold 23,500, Diamond 40,000.

Minimum miles flown with Avianca: Red Plus 6,500, Silver 9,200, Gold 18,800 and Diamond 32,000.

The company also informed that members will now be able to reach Elite status faster and maintain it, since 25% of the miles accrued with LifeMiles credit cards are eligible for Elite Status*, up to a maximum amount determined for each level.

Changes in the way miles are accrued

Starting february 1st and in line with the "Vuela a tu Medida" fare scheme that Avianca implemented last year, LifeMiles members will accrue miles according to the size of the ticket purchased for their trip. With this new format, customers can receive up to 7 qualifying miles for each dollar spent on Avianca tickets, as follows:

Size XS: no mileage accrual

Size S: earns 3 qualifying miles for each dollar purchased.

Sizes M and XL: earn 5 qualifying miles per dollar purchased.

Sizes L and XXL: earn 7 qualifying miles for every dollar purchased.

Elite members will also earn additional non-qualifying mileage bonuses, ranging from 20% to 80%, depending on their level.

The airline also reminded that LifeMiles members earn and redeem miles on all flights on all Star Alliance member airlines and can reach around 1,300 destinations worldwide.