Saturday, 26 March 2022 02:19

BANDESAL presented the Energy Efficiency Program for SMEs

Written by Evelyn Alas

Today, the President of the Banco de Desarrollo de El Salvador (BANDESAL),Mario Salazar, presented the Energy Efficiency Line for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to various associations that play an important role in the productivity of our country, with the aim of supporting the generation of renewable energy.

The head of BANDESAL said that, through this line, they contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gases that affect the environment, since they finance SMEs so that they can modernize their work equipment and make them more environmentally friendly.

All SMEs interested in this Energy Efficiency Line can find more information on our website:

It has special incentives, such as interest rate reduction when one of the following requirements is met:

  • Project technically validated by an external party
  • Project backed by energy savings insurance
  • Replace, dismantle and properly dispose of old equipment

With linked technical cooperation, IFIs and SMEs that access Program financing will be able to enjoy the benefits of technical cooperation projects executed by BANDESAL and the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB).