Tuesday, 09 August 2022 02:58

Meet the digital world e-CONFIA

Written by Evelyn Alas

AFP CONFIA is characterized by its innovation and leadership. Throughout the years, it has been in charge of establishing different alternative channels that facilitate the attention to its members, pensioners, employers and clients. These channels have been united in a single digital world called e-CONFIA, in which the Administrator provides attention remotely through its virtual assistant Tessa on WhatsApp (+503 2267-7777) and Facebook Messenger; by CONFIA VIRTUAL; email; video call and AFP CONFIA APP.

e-CONFIA offers many advantages, among which the most important is to carry out procedures and consultations from anywhere. CONFIA's digital world is practical and accessible: it not only allows its users to avoid heavy traffic, but also provides them with convenience and security. In addition, they continue to have the support of advisors on request. The indispensable requirements are to have an electronic device with an internet connection and to have their personal e-mail updated in AFP CONFIA's database.

With e-CONFIA, users choose the option that best suits them, depending on the platform they prefer and the type of management they wish to carry out. The options that e-CONFIA offers are the following:

Tessa, virtual assistant

They can connect with CONFIA through WhatsApp at +503 2267-7777 or through Facebook Messenger. By sending a short message, Tessa helps them to carry out procedures such as: download Account Statement, make the Control de Sobrevivencia, update personal data, receive assistance on Proyecta 5Plus, and solve their doubts.


Users must enter www.confia.com.sv and log into CONFIA VIRTUAL with their username and password. Within the platform they can view their contact information and perform different actions: update beneficiaries, download account statements, view their membership card, view their work history, download the pensioner's certificate, among others.

Electronic mail

AFP CONFIA also allows you to send an e-mail directly to the following address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by this means you can make your queries and request documentation such as the Account Statement, pensioner's certificate, among others.


In the videocall appointments, users can receive personalized counseling for balance refund and survivorship control procedures. They can schedule their appointment by calling CONFIATEL at 2267-7777, request it through CONFIA VIRTUAL (entering www.confia.com.sv), or through the AFP CONFIA APP.


From their phones, users have CONFIA. They can consult their balance, accumulated profitability, NUP, download their Account Statement and update their data. In addition, they can always carry their CONFIA  card with them and present it in allied establishments to receive exclusive discounts, which can also be consulted in the app. 

AFP CONFIA demonstrates once again that it continues to work with the same confidence as always to make the online experience the best, integrating its virtual channels into a single digital world: e-CONFIA.