Saturday, 19 November 2022 15:21

La Constancia launches new initiative on its platform to enjoy the holidays responsibly

Written by Coralia Cuellar // Evelyn Alas

Because at La Constancia "we dream big to create a future with more reasons to toast", on this occasion we present to all salvadorans two menus with different recipes to be the best hosts during the World Cup, as well as during the New Year's Eve celebrations.

Chef Urias, nationally recognized and founding entrepreneur of the GARNISH School of Gastronomy, was in charge of designing each of the recipes that will accompany salvadorans along with La Constancia beverages throughout the World Cup and also during Christmas and New Year's Eve.



La Constancia continues to promote responsible consumption of its products through its permanent "Smart Consumption" platform, offering the public a series of practical tips on how to appreciate the drink responsibly through experience rather than quantity and pairing; this is how today it presents this wonderful menu, which will be a delight for all consumers.


Some of these recipes have been prepared with a base of the beers that La Constancia offers in its portfolio or can be accompanied with one.

"We know that family and friends are the most important thing and there is no better time to share than during the holidays, the World Cup and Christmas. At La Constancia we always want to provide the best experiences so that salvadorans always remember those special moments and enjoy our drinks responsibly and in moderation", said Carol Colorado, Legal & Corporate Affairs director.


World Cup Recipes

The most awaited soccer event of the year is getting closer and La Constancia brings its World Cup menu in gourmet dishes created especially for that purpose being the selection of Chef Urias:


Causa de Mi Tierra

This recipe pays homage to the Peruvian Causa Limeña, with the best salvadoran ingredients that make a unique and special combination of both countries. With this culinary preparation you will be able to enjoy all the games.


Green pork empanada with barbecue sauce

It consists of the preparation of a green pork empanada with barbecue sauce of Casa la Cerveza Pilsener's specialty.

Green plantain empanada

It is an empanada filled with pulled pork with barbecue sauce based on Pilsener. So you can enjoy all the games cooking and shouting goal healthy with all your family and friends.

Salpicon tostadas

This is the preparation of exquisite tostadas de salpicón, accompanied by grilled shrimp. Your guests will ask for more of this recipe so that at halftime they can enjoy it without rushing and not miss any minute of the 2022 World Cup.


Christmas Recipe Box

But the party doesn't end here, La Constancia brings Chef Urias' Christmas menu for salvadorans, so you can prepare it during these dates that bring people together.

Turkey in creole sauce

This recipe is an excellent option recommended for Thanksgiving on November 24th or for Christmas on december 24th for the whole family and friends to enjoy. This sauce is based on Pilsener beer.

Larded Leg of Pork

This is an exquisite recipe for those who like pork, as the pork must be marinated with Modelo beer.

Good Night Shrimp

This recipe includes some delicious shrimp, for those who love seafood, let it marinate with Golden beer and herbs; baked in the oven with a Creole sauce based on dried chili tomatoes.

To access all the available content and develop all the culinary art, people can visit the social networks of La Constancia on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter; where they will have available these recipe books as a gift for those who are always looking to enjoy a good meal with beers, water and soft drinks of La Constancia.

Translated by: A.M