Monday, 21 November 2022 17:25

PBS El Salvador and CASATIC launch managed services unit

Written by Evelyn Alas

Recently PBS El Salvador and Hightech Corporation, a company of Grupo PBS, together with the Cámara Salvadoreña de Tecnologías de la Información y Comunicaciones (CASATIC) launched the new division of Managed Technology Services, a model that allows a company (Client) to transfer to a service provider (PBS), the partial or total administration of infrastructure and security, support and technical maintenance and internal support units of its digital eco system.

This new service considers the joint definition of business goals and flexible product and service options, based on the pillars of monitoring, on-site support, remote support, preventive maintenance, reporting, knowledge base, success measurement, continuous improvement and asset management.

The concept of managed IT services arises as a way of outsourcing monitoring, maintenance, support and management of information technology.

Managed services are defined as those intended for the remote administration of the technological and IT infrastructure of a company.


As financial institutions navigate today's unpredictable economic and regulatory environment, the pressure for risk and compliance with operating models has never been greater. The adoption of managed services is increasing as firms demonstrate a strategic response to better organize, operate and safeguard their businesses. Since the adoption of managed services leads to the transfer of a greater degree of control to a third party, determining when and how is key. Getting it right leads to significant potential rewards. (Deloitte, Magazine Article: "Inside magazine - Edition 2018").

"With this new service, we seek to offer an option for the administration and management of network solutions, workstations, security, technical service and infrastructure, based on different levels that allow us to increase the scope of each solution, reduce costs and increase the productivity of companies, contributing significantly to the efficiency of the operation", said Guillermo Rodríguez, regional director of Advanced Services at PBS, PBS, a leader in technology solutions, offers a broad portfolio of products and services with comprehensive solutions. "The basis is to align the technical solution with the business, in which people, the market, processes and standards, challenges, tools, values, systems and risks, seeking greater agility and efficiency in the operation", said Mirian Alas, country manager of PBS El Salvador.


CASATIC expressed its pleasure to have this new service offered by two leading companies united under the same corporate umbrella that allows them to offer the salvadoran market advanced options that contribute to greater efficiency. "We are very pleased to launch this day the managed technology services unit of PBS and Hightech Corporation, a first level service that constitutes a very valuable technological solution for companies and organizations", said Rafael Ibarra, President of CASATIC.

Technological devices are becoming more complex at the same time that they are becoming more necessary. With needs ranging from maintaining security on multiple devices to managing a complex network, many situations can arise on a day-to-day basis. For many companies, maintaining an in-house IT team is not a practical solution.

Outsourcing managed IT services through managed service providers offers the necessary service and benefits such as cost savings and greater control, increased efficiency, experts and experience on hand, support for business objectives, security enhancements, maintaining compliance, being competitive and being able to access 24×7 preventive and proactive operation and management service.

"IT outsourcing helps grow the business while saving money and keeping up with the latest technology. It is important to choose the right managed services provider both by business characteristics and needs", said Ulises Viaud, commercial manager of PBS El Salvador.

More information on our website Managed technology services are now available at PBS El Salvador. PBS, we make things happen.

Translated by: A.M