Thursday, 26 January 2023 18:15

7 practical products that you can find at Walmart and Maxi Despensa for back to school

Written by Evelyn Alas

After two years of virtual or hybrid education, 2023 brings new challenges for salvadorans with the return of face-to-face classes. Therefore, it is very important to have the necessary items and tools for this "new normal" in education from the beginning.

Walmart de México y Centroamérica in El Salvador, fulfilling its purpose of providing quality products and according to the needs of salvadoran families so they can live better, shares 7 of the unmissable and practical products that can be found for back to school in Walmart and Maxi Despensa stores.

IMG_4969-1.jpg1. Tablets and laptops

For all students, it is essential to have the necessary equipment and tools to carry out their homework or documents, which is why a Tablet or Laptop is an indispensable ally for study hours. Walmart has a wide range of brands and models for the diverse needs of students, at affordable prices.

2. Mouse

Students tend to be at the computer several hours a day, so it is important to have the necessary accessories to make their study time a comfortable experience.

Although some laptops come with an integrated keyboard and trackpad (touchpad), sometimes it is necessary to buy a mouse


3. Headphones

Concentration is a fundamental part of a successful study day, as it allows blocking external sounds. Consumers will find a variety of high-tech headphones, with adaptability to different devices and at excellent prices.

4. Printers

Walmart and Maxi Despensa have a wide catalog of technology products with a variety of brands at affordable prices, including printers and computer accessories. A printer is a fundamental tool to obtain the best school performance, which is why its choice is very important for students.

5. Multi-purpose backpacks

What better way to start the school year with a practical backpack to carry school supplies, your new tablet and your lunch box with delicious lunches. At Walmart and Maxi Despensa you will find everything in one place and also within reach with just one click.


6. Thermos flasks and pachones

Ideal for carrying drinks. In addition to being resistant, portable and lightweight, they keep any beverage at the desired temperature, not to mention that they are environmentally friendly.

7. Food containers

Designed for storage and portability of different foods, students can find a wide variety of plastic and glass containers to carry snacks, snacks or lunches to school or university.


Last but not least, all Walmart and Maxi Despensa stores offer a variety of the ever-essential school supplies: crayons of various brands, notebooks, stationery, pens and markers, among others.

"This 2023 we want to accompany children and young people in their return to school. In our stores they can find a variety of products and items that will allow school and university students to have all the necessary tools to live a great learning experience, helping to improve their productivity and start the year in the best way", said Claudia de Ibáñez, Corporate Affairs Manager of Walmart for El Salvador.

Walmart and Maxi Despensa offer multiple alternatives to its customers, which is why it makes available everything necessary for this back to school in any of its stores throughout the country and through;


Translated by: A.M