Tuesday, 28 February 2023 16:23

Friendly companies unite for the integral care of pets

Written by Evelyn Alas

With the purpose of acquiring a commitment with pets for a better quality of life, full of health and happiness; Buddy, your pet's best friend is born in El Salvador, a brand designed for the care and welfare of the furry ones, providing protection and a comprehensive service with attention 24 hours a day, 365 days a year; on issues of veterinary care, training, boarding, grooming, memorialization and many more areas.

Buddy, is the first program in the whole country for the integral care of the pet, has an exclusive network of strategic allies with different plans perfectly designed to cover their needs; which include benefits such as: services and discounts with veterinaries, pet shops, distributors, emergency assistance, baths, nail clippings, pipettes, discounts on food, training, daycare and hotel, in addition to services and discounts on training, behavioral diagnosis, virtual classes, virtual medical guidance 24/7, medical home visit, transfer, emergency hospitalization, legal advice, travel advice, euthanasia and memorialization of the puppies.


"In Buddy we have the added value of assistance plans with permanent benefits and the support of recognized allied brands in the country, being the only ones with a comprehensive offer in the market. All in one place", said Lidia Flores, Buddy's Brand manager.


Buddy has comprehensive protection plans starting at $6.00 per month that guarantee health, well-being, peace of mind and high quality professional attention so that pets can enjoy a life full of care and love.

To learn more about Buddy, recommendations and tips on caring for the best friends of the home, follow its social networks:

  • Instagram: @buddy.assist
  • Facebook: buddyassist
  • Tik tok: @buddy.assist
  • Website: buddyassit.com

"Let ́s Buddy Together" , let ́s engage with our best friends.


Translated by: A.M