Friday, 26 May 2023 02:09

Claro El Salvador celebrates Internet Day by sharing cybersecurity tools

Written by Evelyn Alas

Focused on increasing knowledge and strengthening the cybersecurity of companies, SMEs and every person connected to the internet, Claro El Salvador, leading telecommunications operator, joins the celebration of Internet Day organized by Conexión El Salvador and SVNet, with a week of presentations (from May 15 to 20) and activities in which topics such as inclusion, education and digital transformation; new trends in technology, artificial intelligence, blockchain and cybersecurity, among others, will be addressed.

During this celebration, Guillermo Reyes, Cybersecurity specialist at Claro Empresas Centroamérica, spoke on "Information security strategy", addressing points such as international best practices in cybersecurity, real-life applications, the fundamental links in information security, as well as a series of security tools to avoid vulnerabilities.

This celebration, which this year reaches its fifteenth edition, is developed under the theme "Taking advantage of every connection", alluding to all the benefits and opportunities provided by the Internet for humanity to develop, but also pointing out the risks that can be faced with cyber attacks that have become one of the biggest threats of recent times.

"In Claro we believe that the internet came to change the world, and as a leading telecommunications company in El Salvador, we join this wave of change, but especially to this commemoration of Internet Day, where we had the opportunity that one of our specialists in Cybersecurity Claro Companies could share important information for all people and organizations in all sectors", said Carlos Doratt, Corporate Markets manager of Claro El Salvador.

Given that the Internet is nowadays the main technology in the operation of companies, it is important to know about cyber attacks such as Rasonware, Pishing, among others, which every day have become more common and sophisticated, so it is essential to know them, identify them and take appropriate security measures to counteract potential risks.

"In Claro Empresas, Claro's business line, our cybersecurity solutions are not only aimed at business security, but also at promoting end-to-end information care, that is, from mobile devices, computers and databases, taking care of the information life cycle of companies, allowing us to prevent leaks and thus, fraud risks", said Doratt.

During this week, attendees will also be able to learn about the integral solutions provided by Claro Empresas to face these risks with tools such as: Vulnerability Analysis, Basic Secure Internet, Advanced Secure Internet and Anti DDos.


Translated by: A.M