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The Cámara de Comercio e Industria de El Salvador (Camarasal) Sonsonate branch seeks to benefit more than 50 people who will participate in the meeting of businesswomen to be held on october 20.

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Voces Vitales El Salvador celebrated the XI edition of its annual congress Crecemujer. This event is the meeting of women corporate leaders and entrepreneurs where knowledge and innovation are promoted, practical tools are provided and successful experiences are shared to break paradigms and challenges. 

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More than 300 women benefited from the XIX Congreso Mujer y Liderazgo, organized by the Women Entrepreneurs Committee of the Cámara de Comercio e Industria de El Salvador (Camarasal).


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Avon El Salvador and the organization Voces Vitales closed the project "Building the best version of me" as part of the program "Avon Put an End to Violence against women and girls", where they awarded diplomas for their participation to 96 women entrepreneurs from different parts of the country.

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The Fundación para el Desarrollo de Centroamérica (FUDECEN) presented the study "Gender Inequalities and Financial Inclusion in El Salvador", which details that a percentage of the salvadoran population that has a savings account there is a gender gap of 8% to the disadvantage of women.

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More than 100 women are expected to benefit from the XIV Congreso Mujeres Líderes de Oriente, organized by the Businesswomen Committee of the Cámara de Comercio e Industria de El Salvador (Camarasal) San Miguel branch, which will take place next thursday afternoon, may 25.

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As part of International Women's Day, Avon conducted the study "Sacateladuda" in several countries in the Hispanic region, with the aim of knowing the perception that women have about gender equality in various aspects such as work, government, finance and basic rights.

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As part of its commitment to build an environment with gender equality, Movistar El Salvador trained 61 employees in prevention of violence against women and good practices to promote labor equality.

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AES El Salvador, through its program "AES Mujer" and the Ministerio de Desarrollo Local, through "Ciudad Mujer" graduated the 2022 class of women electricians. They are 124 new certified technicians from the course "Fourth Category Residential Electrical Installations" and specialized in "Load Reading and Census".

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According to the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), it explains that gender bonds are fixed income securities that capture capital allocated for new projects that support the advancement, empowerment and equality of women.

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