Wednesday, 29 May 2024 02:35

Foreign Direct Investment in El Salvador was US$760 million by april 2024

Written by Alejandra García Ortiz
Foreign Direct Investment in El Salvador was US$760 million by april 2024 Courtesy

According to the most recent update of the Monthly Executive Report of Macroeconomic Indicators of the Central America and Dominican Republic Region (CARD), it was registered that in El Salvador, Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) for April 2024 was US$760 million and foreign trade in exports of goods for the same month totaled US$2,131 million and imports of goods with US$5,172 million.

In addition, according to the Secretaria Ejecutiva del Concejo Monetario Centroamericano (SECMCA), the report presented showed that net Direct Investment (DI) flows totaled US$3,221.7 million during the fourth quarter of 2023, higher than the amount observed during the same period of 2022, equivalent to US$2,540 million.

The negative flows observed in El Salvador, Honduras and Panama arise due to net amortizations of loans with the direct investor, greater than that recorded for shares or other capital contributions, which by methodology should be added to the value of FDI.


The inter-annual variation rate in prices in the real sector for april 2024 was 1.15 points; while the inter-annual variation rate of the underlying inflation index was 0.60 points.

In addition, the study showed that remittances in El Salvador for the month of march 2024 totaled US$12,456 million.


Translated by: A.M