Saturday, 11 June 2022 15:22

How does the increase in corn prices affect tortilla sales?

Written by Evelyn Alas

Due to the high increases in food prices, corn is one of the essential products of the basic food basket that is going through the hikes that inflation is generating worldwide.

María Angélica Moreno, owner of a tortilla stand in the Centroamérica neighborhood in San Salvador, has been working for 12 years in the elaboration of this special product that cannot be missing in the daily meal of salvadorans.

The merchant says that five years ago the sale was better than today because she managed to get 5 to 6 tortillas per US$0.25cents and now only manages to sell four tortillas for the same value and smaller.

She also comments that from monday to friday he prepares a quintal of corn to make tortillas, selling them to his clients at four for US$0.25, in order to make US$10 profit. She says that today a quintal of corn costs US$30 and US$60 per sack.

In addition, María Moreno has two people to help her to make tortillas and a delivery man, but with the high prices of corn, her earnings are only enough to pay her helpers.

Her most loyal customers would normally take up to two dollars’ worth of tortillas, but now that amount has decreased with the price increase and now they only buy US$0.75 or US$1.50 at the most.

Not every day is a good day for sales, and Doña María keeps tortillas that are left over for her and her family's consumption, so as not to waste the product and not to be affected economically.

This is the income with which she has supported her family and during the 12 years she has seen ups and downs in her sales, but she always tries not to affect her loyal customers.