Wednesday, 20 July 2022 21:37

Exporters forecast US$7.6 billion in exports by the end of 2022

Written by Evelyn Alas

COEXPORT's Executive Director, Silvia Cuellar, expressed this morning that the institution foresees a good outlook in exports by the end of 2022, if companies make their best effort maintaining the 16.7% growth rate.

According to the head of COEXPORT, exports could reach US$7.6 billion in growth by December 2022, if the growth curve is maintained.

The country not only exports products, but also services such as call centers, tourism, logistics and information technology. By June 2022 alone, at least US$1,000 million will be exported in this area.

In addition, Silvia Cuellar says that small and large exporters face various logistical challenges with high FREIGHT costs of around US$12,000 per shipment. Freight is the cost to be paid for the movement of a load on a means of transport.

She emphasized that products exported from El Salvador are managing to be sold at a higher value due to inflation.

COEXPORT, concerned about maintaining the good management and growth of exports, invites small exporters to join the free seminars to learn in a period of 8 hours all the steps to consider their export capacity, what is the idea they have to export among other tools, to develop better in this sector.