Saturday, 03 September 2022 04:38

MOVISTAR makes millionaire investment for the deployment of its new network

Written by Paty Salinas

With an initial investment plan of US$280 million that includes the deployment of the new 5G Ready network, Movistar is positioned as a leader in the market reaching more than 95% of population coverage and increasing up to 10 times the speed and connection of its customers nationwide.

"Our new 5G Ready network is a true reflection of the confidence we have in the future of the country and the desire to provide salvadorans access to next-generation services. Access to this type of technology is a platform to accelerate the competitive capacity of the country's productive sector. This investment positions us as a strategic partner that drives the technological transformation of El Salvador", said Luis Del Cid, CEO of Movistar El Salvador.

The deployment of this new network will position Movistar as the first company to be 100% ready to make the technological leap to 5G when the appropriate spectrum is enabled. From the implementation of the new network, salvadorans will have the possibility of accessing a faster and more efficient connection, solving the connectivity needs that the new reality demands to each of the users according to their occupation or particular interest. 

"Movistar has a proven history of bringing about the modernization of the telecommunications market. And today with the investment we are announcing, which starts with the deployment of our 5G Ready network we confirm that we are leading the future of our industry in the country", said Luis Del Cid, CEO of Movistar El Salvador.


Innovation is a distinctive component of Movistar El Salvador that, focused on providing its customers with comprehensive solutions to their digital needs, launched the eSIM, a virtual SIM that will allow all Movistar users to have in their hands multiple active lines in a single device.

"In a single smartphone, our customers will be able to have different lines, even from other countries and other operators quickly, easily and securely. They can even set up a second WhatsApp account. The introduction of eSIM to El Salvador is possible thanks to the latest generation technology we have", said Luis Del Cid, CEO of Movistar El Salvador.

The eSim is an evolution of traditional SIMs that are introduced in devices that, depending on their model, allow having up to two lines in one device. Salvadorans will be the first in all of Central America that will be able to have three, four or as many lines as they need in a single device, the first to access the benefits of multi-connectivity offered by this technology that ratifies Movistar's commitment to facilitate and improve people's lives, allowing everyone to have the technology of the future in their hands, now.

"We are the only company focused on the customer, which is integrating connectivity and new technologies to provide innovative solutions, tailored to their needs; building a sustainable and close relationship with its customers, always supported by a professional and honest team, focused on adding value to deliver the best experience", said Luis Del Cid, CEO of Movistar El Salvador.

The transformation announced today by Movistar El Salvador is in line with the technological and competitive revolution that the company generated since 1998, when it launched the prepaid mode in mobile telephony and its Carrier 144 to connect salvadorans with their relatives in the United States, services that marked the starting point of a healthy and effective competition for the benefit of consumers.

Another of Movistar El Salvador's major milestones was in 2016, when they inaugurated the first 4G LTE network in the country, becoming the first operator to offer the most modern and new generation of connectivity at that time. Then, in 2019 it surprised the market with its plans with unlimited data, giving infinite connectivity possibilities to its customers.

Now, in 2022, it is back to revolutionize the sector. With the deployment of the 5G Ready network, Movistar will be able to increase connection speeds by up to 10 times and will be ready to enable 5G technology when the appropriate spectrum is available.