Tuesday, 15 November 2022 15:51

Central American farmers to obtain insurance for crop damages

Written by Evelyn Alas

According to Bloomberg magazine, close to 2 million small farmers in El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras who operate without insurance despite the increased frequency of hurricanes in recent months, will receive support from international institutions such as the World Bank.

A grouping that includes the World Bank, the United Nations World Food Program and the Alliance for Central America initiative will work with the Insurance Development Forum to implement a plan, the organizations said in a statement.

Pólizas de seguro a la medida de las necesidades de los cultivos de  aguacate, banano, café y flores

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, agricultural exports play an important role in the economic stability of the so-called Northern Triangle of Central America, which produces coffee, sugar, bananas and other tropical fruits.

Costarán 81.8 mdp seguros catastróficos para animales y cultivos en Hidalgo  - Periódico AM

Climate impacts, food insecurity, poverty and violence have increased migration from the region, according to the World Food Program.

Los productores con seguro agrario se beneficiarán del incremento de la  subvención estatal de la prima - Grandes cultivos

The group of institutions will work with country governments and the private sector to identify and support disaster risk financing models that are accessible to the most vulnerable, according to the release.