Friday, 31 March 2023 14:57

US$50 and US$100 bills are legal tender in the country for use in commerce and institutions

Written by Evelyn Alas

The Banco Central de Reserva (BCR), explains to salvadorans that by decree of law all businesses and institutions must accept dollar bills of any denomination, including US$50 and US$100, for purchases or daily expenses.

This was made known during the discussion "Characteristics of high denomination banknotes, legal provisions on their circulation and their acceptance in the country as legal tender", carried out by the Banco Central de Reserva, the Secretaría de Comercio e Inversiones y la Defensoría del Consumidor (DC).

Private enterprise, financial system institutions and microentrepreneurs participated in the discussion, addressing important issues such as the myths about the circulation of high-value banknotes and the benefits of their use.

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Dollar bills of all denominations are unrestricted legal tender in the country according to the Monetary Integration Law and no person or company has the power to limit their circulation, regardless of their amount.

This measure will encourage economic growth by facilitating the circulation of cash in the country and eliminating barriers that tourists and salvadorans abroad encounter when visiting the salvadoran nation, in order to have bills of a certain denomination accepted.

How to tell if your $100 or $50 bill is counterfeit or not

1-Watermark: You should see the faint image of Benjamin Franklin in the blank space to the right of his portrait when holding the bill up against the light. The image should be seen from both sides of the paper.

2-Security thread: If the embedded security thread that appears vertically to the left of the portrait does not appear when held up against the light, the bill is counterfeit. The thread should appear with the initials USA and the number 100 in an alternate pattern and, under ultraviolet light, should appear bright pink.

3-Number 50 or 100: The number 100 in the lower right corner of the obverse should change from copper to green with the movement of the bill.


Translated by: A.M