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According to a report provided by the Banco Central de Reserva de El Salvador (BCR) of the total remittances received from january to august 2022, US$47 million have been destined to invest in business or purchase of personal property for businesses, which reflects an increase of 45%.

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Economic expert and consultant, Otto Boris, informed through his Twitter account that deposits for current and savings accounts have increased at a lower rate, but term deposits have stagnated.

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The Ministry of Economy (MINEC), launches several initiatives to promote the development of entrepreneurs, who represent an important link in the dynamization of the Salvadoran economy. For this reason, it implements actions to promote an innovation ecosystem that aims to establish a connection between this sector and national and international actors.

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Stores and stalls could be being evaluated by undercover agents of the Defensoría del Consumidor (DC) or the Ministerio de Economía (MINEC), due to the recent reforms presented to the Legislative Assembly.

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As Latin American and Caribbean countries put the pandemic behind them, there is growing evidence that one of the most effective ways to accelerate growth is to empower women.

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The first Call for Businesses and Enterprises of the Care Economy in Central America, which is carried out within the framework of the program "Scalable market-based approaches to reduce, redistribute and recognize women's care work", implemented by Alterna in partnership with Pro Mujer, with the support of UN Women and funding from IDRC Canada (International Development Research Centre) and Open Society Foundations.

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Yesterday the Aerocluster El Salvador was launched, which seeks to integrate local suppliers to the national and international value chain of the aeronautical and aerospace industry, through manufacturing and service supply.

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Wednesday, 04 August 2021 03:24

HubSpot helps companies to grow on websites

HubSpot, the customer relationship management (CRM) platform for growing businesses, today announced the launch of CMS Hub Starter, a new level of today's enterprise web content management system that gives marketers and developers the tools they need to position a business through their website.

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Faced with a contraction in sales and loss of income, the first reaction of many entrepreneurs is to lower the prices of their products and services.

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Digicel works to provide the best digital and telephony service to its customers. It offers the best prices, the best benefits and the best digital experience.

Digicel offers the newest network, with lower saturation levels that give the customer a great digital experience, at the best price, with higher speeds and fast data downloads, thanks to a significant investment to implement the LTE advanced 4.5G network, which allows corporate segment communications to be of great benefit to both the organization and employees.

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