The Banco de Desarrollo de El Salvador (BANDESAL) and the Instituto Salvadoreño para el Desarrollo de la Mujer (ISDEMU) delivered seed capital to women who have a business model and who are part of the LGBTI population, post-penitentiary women, and women from Centro de Protección del ISDEMU.

As part of the agreement between the Banco de Desarrollo de El Salvador (BANDESAL), and the Salvadoran Institute for the Instituto Salvadoreño para el Desarrollo de la Mujer (ISDEMU), they held a financial education workshop to strengthen the capacities of women entrepreneurs.

The President of Banco de Desarrollo de El Salvador (BANDESAL), Juan Pablo Durán, visited the Cooperativa ACOPASANTAL de R.L formed by blind and low vision people, manufacturers of mattresses, mats, furniture and cushions.

Banco de Desarrollo de El Salvador (BANDESAL) through the Centro de Entrenamiento y Desarrollo Empresarial (CEDE) reported that graduated 27 entrepreneurs from Cojutepeque, the development of this course included specialized mentoring on topics aimed at entrepreneurs, such as digital marketing and financial education.

Banco Davivienda, as part of its alliance with World Vision El Salvador, reiterates its commitment to salvadorans, giving a donation of US$15,000, which will be invested in the implementation of World Vision's Jóvenes Súper Pilas program in the eastern region, which seeks to increase economic opportunities for young people between 18 and 29 years of age.

The President of the Instituto Nacional de los Deportes de El Salvador (INDES), Yamil Bukele, informed that approximately US$22 million will be invested in the project to improve the Estadio Nacional Jorge "El Mágico" González .

The Fundación Salvadoreña para el Desarrollo Económico y Social, (FUSADES), through its PROINNOVA program, celebrated the awards ceremony of the 19th edition of the Agroinnova contest. On this occasion, recognition was given to five entrepreneurial projects, which stood out for their business bet and innovative offer to the market. Each winner received a certificate that entitles them to receive specialized advice from PROINNOVA, valued at US$2,000 each.

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MIDES defines waste collection process

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The task of keeping cities clean involves a series of actions and steps that affect not only the elimination of garbage piles, but also environmental care.

Davivienda El Salvador announces the fourth edition of the technological entrepreneurship contest Espaciotec, which aims to open more opportunities for the successful development of projects and companies that have or plan to have a technological component in their business model.

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