Friday, 10 March 2023 18:35

Conamype promotes business development of entrepreneurs with advisory services

Written by Evelyn Alas

Conamype focuses actions to promote the development of salvadorans who decide to start and create their micro and small businesses, in order to support their businesses and continue to ensure the welfare of the population.

Through the Comisión Nacional de la Micro y Pequeña Empresa (Conamype), the institution accompanies salvadorans in the process of their business development, so that they can grow their businesses, obtain more income and gain competitiveness.

The head of this institution, Paul Steiner, said that last year, together with the Centros de Desarrollo de Micro y Pequeñas Empresas (Cedemype), provided assistance to approximately 50,000 salvadoran entrepreneurs, which qualifies as a record, since in the previous period, the figure was around 11,000 services.

The official said that Conamype advises salvadorans in the process of starting their business. To do so, it guides them in creating their business plan, refining the idea and concept, validating it and establishing the financial projection, among other aspects.

Steiner explained how they follow up on the businesses.

"The microenterprise does not exceed US$15,000 of monthly turnover and has no more than 10 employees; the small one has 11 employees and up to US$170,000 of turnover". At the same time, he indicated that last year more than 200 new companies exported their products, most of which were small.

The head of Conamype added that there are 1.1 million micro and small entrepreneurs in the country, including self-employed workers and small agricultural producers, which is equivalent to 99.6% of all entrepreneurs.

"Since july of last year, Conamype has led institutional roundtables for the creation of a public policy", with the objective of presenting a proposal for the creation of a public policy for formalization.

The Government of El Pre will continue to support the productive sectors of the country, improving market conditions to boost the national economy.


Translated by: A.M