Cleveland Clinic Weston Hospital recently announced the opening of the newly constructed 631.74-square-foot Lozick Women's Center, designed to provide a seamless and holistic experience for patients undergoing breast cancer screening, diagnosis and treatment.

The vegetable market and consumers are more mature. Variables have been corrected and the second generation of products in this category is already wider, with the objective of offering healthier and tastier options with clean labels, factors that are very important and appreciated by consumers.

The roles are: new president of International Operations and new CEO for Cleveland Clinic in Abu Dhabi.

The Defense Team of Enrique Rais has repeatedly informed that the businessman has been the victim of a proven criminal prosecution, in light of International Law and that the United Nations and the Swiss authorities determined the innocence of the salvadoran businessman, based on the fact that, first, the Swiss Federal Prosecutor confirmed that former Prosecutor Douglas Meléndez did not present reliable evidence against Rais, and therefore dismissed the complaint of the Salvadoran Prosecutor's Office.