Thursday, 10 June 2021 10:46

UN and Swiss State prove innocence of businessman Enrique Rais

Written by Dinero Staff

The Defense Team of Enrique Rais has repeatedly informed that the businessman has been the victim of a proven criminal prosecution, in light of International Law and that the United Nations and the Swiss authorities determined the innocence of the salvadoran businessman, based on the fact that, first, the Swiss Federal Prosecutor confirmed that former Prosecutor Douglas Meléndez did not present reliable evidence against Rais, and therefore dismissed the complaint of the Salvadoran Prosecutor's Office.

Likewise, they concluded that after three years of investigation, the complaint of the Canadians, Matteo Pasquale and Franco Pacetti, did not have reliable evidence. In addition, the reports and evidence determined that the former lawyer of Enrique Rais, would have delivered documents of the companies to the canadians, with which they pretended to accuse him for money laundering and swindling.

The authorities verified that the money deposited in Swiss bank accounts by Rais was legally obtained and obtained official records and evidence that the financial income was declared to the Ministry of Finance, for the payment of the corresponding taxes.

The authorities confirmed that the double prosecution was carried out under the orders of former prosecutor Douglas Meléndez, which, at the time, was denounced by Rais' defense lawyers.

The investigations of the case also pointed out that the attempted double persecution was carried out with the complicity of former prosecutor Douglas Meléndez, who has already been criminally charged, as well as Mario Calderón.

The UN WGAD as well as the Swiss government concluded that the prosecution used faceless witnesses and witnesses all of them from their own prosecution to fabricate false evidence.

Rais' defense lawyers have demanded from the authorities transparency in the State's actions and the investigation of accusations and public assertions that decontextualize the reality of the facts themselves.

As a result of years of work in the defense of the Swiss-Salvadoran businessman, the Swiss State issued a final resolution where it acquits him and orders the payment of a compensation (by the State), for the damages caused to his image, moral and financial damages to his companies; concluding that he did not commit any of the crimes indicated.