Tuesday, 30 May 2023 03:43

ABANSA recommends cyber-fraud prevention measures

Written by Coralia Cuellar // Evelyn Alas
ABANSA recommends cyber-fraud prevention measures Alonso Zuniga// Executive Producer// Photographer

Experts in cyber fraud prevention from ABANSA provided recommendations that salvadorans should put into practice to avoid becoming victims of cyber fraud:

1. You should not share your username, password or security code with anyone, including friends, family and strangers. Banks will never ask you for confidential information, for example, passwords, card number, among others.


Verify the website or e-mail address when you receive a suspicious message and be wary of subtle variations or misspellings that may indicate that the site or message is fraudulent, as cybercriminals use deceptive tactics to mimic trustworthy senders. Under no circumstances would an official message from a financial institution be sent through Hotmail, Gmail, Outlook or any other similar email provider.

3. Remember to access your financial institution's website by typing its official website address in your computer's browser or by using the application installed on your mobile device.

4. Do not rely on phone calls or messages claiming to close an account, legal sequences or urgent requests for information, because fraud attempts use fear or a sense of urgency to provoke immediate action on your part.


5. Create unique and complex passwords, including at least eight characters between uppercase, lowercase, numbers and symbols. The password should be changed periodically and never use the same password to access different websites or digital accounts.

The experts explained that some of the most common fraud risk situations are: providing personal or confidential information to strangers; downloading unsolicited files received via text message or e-mail; accessing suspicious links received via text message or e-mail.


In all these cases, the user could be sharing his confidential information to strangers, who could try to defraud him.

The Asociación Bancaria Salvadoreña and its member banks, stressed the importance that users of the financial system never give confidential information about accounts and financial transactions to anyone in order to avoid cyber fraud.


Translated by: A.M