Monday, 29 November 2021 23:14

Work out a budget to your expenses could lower your financial debts by 2022

Written by Evelyn Alas

If you are one of those who have made purchases in october, november or soon in december, it is likely that, if you made that expense through a credit card, the first installment will begin to be paid in january 2022.

Most salvadorans who work in the private sector only receive a normal salary, without raises, they have to make a budget so that this money will be enough to pay their financial debts.

As for public employees, such as teachers, they do receive small raises, but most people end up overspending when they get more money, not knowing that next year their debt will grow if they don't start managing their money well.

The end of the year is a good time to take a break and rethink the economic situation, repairing mistakes made during the previous months and setting financial goals for next year 2022 with the following tips:


Not making a budget can be risky, because at this time you will have a greater number of temptations and not knowing how to manage them could lead to financial failure. It is important to budget based on how much you can spend and not on how much you want to spend, this will prevent you from making impulsive and unnecessary expenses that will produce new debts for next year.

Credit cards

No matter if you have three or four credit cards, try to use only one of them to buy gifts, decorations or travel expenses this season. However, the first option will always be cash.

When it comes to paying debts on plastic, always look for the debt that is most pressing or the one that you can pay off the fastest.

If you are looking for interest-free month promotions, it can be a good option to save, but you should make sure that they include a 0% rate or at least a very low one.

Purchase control

It is essential not to be absorbed by the avalanche of offers and promotions in the market.

You should buy those things that will benefit you over time. An example may be to opt for the purchase of an efficient stove or washing machine, that is, replace your old appliances for ones that allow you to save energy, before other things.

Christmas bonus 

It is extra money that you do not count on regularly; therefore, it should be used wisely. You should give priority to pending items, such as debts, insurance and paying off or amortizing credits, since there are commitments in which this money can be very useful.