Friday, 22 July 2022 18:18

Banks inspected to verify that they are not charging cardholders for memberships

Written by Evelyn Alas

Reforms to the Credit Card Law went into effect today in order to protect the patrimonial rights of users of the financial system, mainly those who are cardholders.

The deputies members of the Financial Commission Dania González, Aronette Mencía and deputy Willian Soriano, visited one of the agencies of Bancoagricola and BAC Credomatic in San Salvador to verify that they comply with the reform.

Among the verifications made by the officials are the modifications to the regulation on the elimination of all types of credit card membership fees for credit cards with availability limits less than or equal to US$2,000.

Likewise, the prohibition to issue credit cards that have not been requested by individuals.

In addition, the cards must not be cancelled due to inactivity without prior notification to the cardholder.

Also, that the institution makes "repeated direct promotion" or "harassment" of offers and products not requested by the customer via telephone calls.

The reform includes the elimination of the overdraft surcharge when transactions are not made for purchases.

According to the officials, the reform consists of curbing abuses that may be arising in the development of the country's financial activity, which can only be achieved by reinforcing the regulations and providing clear rules for an adequate balance between the profit of financial entities and the rights of the population.

Congresswoman Aronette Mencia, expressed her gratitude to the banking institutions for "complying and creating" the corresponding conditions for financial education and inclusion.

The President of this Commission, Dania González, said that together with the Superintendencia del Sistema Financiero (SSF), they are monitoring compliance with this measure.