Monday, 17 October 2022 15:32

5.6% of salvadorans make digital payments

Written by Evelyn Alas

Equifax through the launch of its new app MiData, announced that during the pandemic by the Covid-19 rose and accelerated the digital transformation, due to consumer demand, because everyone worked from the comfort they want.

Equifax details that in El Salvador 5.6 of salvadorans make digital payments. Currently, digital payments, that is to say, payment methods that are made through the Internet, are increasingly present, relegating to second place, in many cases, cash.

Aumentan transacciones en plataformas digitales | Revista NEO

51% of web traffic comes from cell phones, 9.4 million telephone lines for 6 million recharges and 2 phones per person.

Also 3.4 million salvadorans use directly their own internet for home or office use.

Digital transformation is the process of total replacement of manual, traditional and legacy methods of doing business with the latest digital alternatives. This type of reinvention touches all aspects of a business, not just technology.