Tuesday, 09 May 2023 02:46

CONAMYPE and Apopa Mayor's Office sign agreement to support local MSEs

Written by Evelyn Alas

The Comisión Nacional de la Micro y Pequeña Empresa (CONAMYPE) continues to articulate actions to support MSE business people and entrepreneurs throughout the country.

As part of this type of action, CONAMYPE signed an inter-institutional agreement with the Mayor's Office of Apopa to promote local economic development in this municipality, for the creation of new enterprises, promotion, development, protection and strengthening of micro and small businesses.

Through the cooperation agreement, CONAMYPE undertakes to provide business assistance, training and methodological transfers to the mype located in the municipality, to promote entrepreneurship, diversification, productive and commercial reconversion, innovation and industrialization.

CONAMYPE will also support the municipality in designing, updating, and improving the local economic development plan, based on the capacities of the mype operating in the municipality.

The municipality agrees to provide access to information on the mype for purposes of updating the census of local businesses and productive fabric, financial needs, and other information determined necessary to achieve the purposes of this agreement.

In addition to linking women and young entrepreneurs, small producers and mype identified in the territory in order to strengthen their skills through business training and to professionalize their products or services.

During the activity, an exhibition fair was held with 5 entrepreneurs from the municipality of Apopa, belonging to the productive sectors of agribusiness, tourism, manufacturing, cosmetics, chemicals and pharmacies, among others.

The city of Apopa is characterized as a center of development in the northern part of the Metropolitan Area of San Salvador, which has a variety of factories engaged in textiles, cement brick making, metal products, a sugar mill and other industries.

To date, the municipality and CONAMYPE have worked together to strengthen the business skills and capacities of business people and entrepreneurs through various training sessions on costs, budgets, marketing and other business services through entrepreneurship and business development programs.

In 2021, a commercial link was established between agricultural producers in Chalatenango and entrepreneurs in the Apopa Municipal Market, a relationship that has been maintained to date.

Currently, close to 40 mype are receiving advice on commercial image, which seeks to improve the positioning of local businesses.

This type of inter-institutional alliances responds to President Nayib Bukele's Plan Cuscatlán, which states that "the development of the municipalities will be an important element in achieving economic growth".


Translated by: A.M