Thursday, 17 November 2022 02:03

LG Electronics brings to El Salvador the new instaview gas stove that everyone will want to have

Written by Coralia Cuellar // Evelyn Alas

LG Electronics as an expert in creating technological solutions that adapt to the needs of the moment and according to each type of user, surprises salvadorans with the new gas stove in three modern models, one of them is the InstaView version, which beyond its functionality, provides a whole culinary experience with an elegant design and stainless steel material; thus leading the market of premium ranges of ovens in Latin America.

With traditional kitchens it is often difficult to see how food is cooking in the oven. Thanks to the technology integrated in LG's new InstaView gas cooktop model, this will no longer be a problem, since by simply tapping twice on the oven glass, you can see what is inside. In addition, thanks to the ThinQ ecosystem, it is possible to turn on, check or turn off the oven from an application installed on the cell phone.


LG Electronics, which is constantly looking for solutions for users, integrated into the new InstaView gas cooktop an Air Fryer that allows you to prepare delicious and healthy crispy dishes, without using oil.

This new model is perfect for small or large families, because in addition to saving space in the kitchen by integrating the Air Fryer, it offers a spacious and well-organized oven with a large capacity of 5.8 cubic feet. This makes it possible to use the largest cooking utensils you have and also to introduce several small utensils and even to cook a pizza and a whole chicken at the same time by using a double grill.


In the case of salvadorans who have little time to cook, the InstaView gas stove is the perfect solution, because like the other two models, it includes fast boiling burners; this means that thanks to the power of UltraHeat, all dishes will be ready in less than the traditional time.  


Dinora Lopez, Sales Manager for Línea Blanca of LG Electronics, commented "At LG we adapt to the needs of the market through innovation in our products, now cooking will become the favorite moment in the kitchen, with our new InstaView gas stove that has all the elements and technology necessary to prepare and share our favorite dishes in an easy, practical and fun way, without a doubt the secret ingredient to make everything faster in the kitchen".


Ximena Reyes, Brand Manager for Línea Blanca at LG Electronics, commented, "At LG we always create a technological solution for every need; cooking or sharing a delicious meal with our loved ones should be an unforgettable experience. Our new gas cooktop becomes the center of the action by fusing chef's seasoning with the energy and time efficiency we all need. We are convinced that the new InstaView gas stove is in line with the pace of life of salvadorans. 


The InstaView model of the new gas cooktop features convection technology that distributes precise, continuous heat so food is delicious on the inside and crispy on the outside, has a large 5.8 cubic foot capacity and features the EasyClean cleaning system. So half-cooked products are a thing of the past.


Taking into account that cleaning the kitchen is not the favorite activity of many, LG also thought of a solution for that, since the three models of gas stoves include the new generation of EasyClean oven cleaning system, which provides a quick and convenient way to clean using only natural water, completely leaving aside the tedious task of carving and carving investing so much time that this activity takes, using strong chemicals that damage the hands. This stove provides everything a kitchen needs: cleanliness, power, efficiency and healthy habits.


The new gas stoves in three models, including LG's InstaView model, are now available at authorized dealers nationwide. Visit your trusted dealer and ask about current promotions.


Translated by A.M