Friday, 10 March 2023 18:13

Tigo Business: Advanced Connectivity, the evolution of connectivity that empowers your business

Written by Evelyn Alas

In this new era of doing business, Tigo Business brings the most robust value proposition in the region with "Advanced Connectivity", to accompany companies from different industries in the challenge of facing the transformation of their business processes and move towards digitization, making available all its assets to help them connect their customers, their employees, developing their strategic projects and virtualizing their work environments with the necessary levels of security.

All this leveraged on the largest and most available fiber optic and mobile LTE 4.5 G networks in the country.


During the recent Covid-19 pandemic, there was an increase in digital activity in the region and, from this new reality many companies have adopted new ways and processes to manage their operations, arising needs that require leveraging different technologies to maintain and enhance their businesses.

"Connectivity is an extremely important pillar for Tigo Business, because in our vision of being the strategic ally of companies, we have focused on the development and implementation of cutting-edge technologies and support to our customers.This search, interest and commitment has led us to constantly invest in coverage growth, security platforms and training of our team, so that the country's companies have all the digital connectivity and security services in a single platform that allows them to be more agile, flexible and efficient to grow their businesses", said the vice president of Tigo Business, Bernardo Pañoni.


Evolution of connectivity

Connectivity has evolved significantly since the early days of the Internet. In the beginning, connectivity was mainly based on private networks and communication was limited to point-to-point connections and dedicated lines over copper-based networks. Later, the technology took a major leap from analog to digital and based on IP protocols, allowing devices to be connected within a local area network (LAN), but a dedicated Internet connection was still needed to access the global network.

Over time, technologies migrated their transport medium from copper to fiber optics allowing the Wide Area Network (WAN) to be developed to connect geographically dispersed networks. WANs based on Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) became a popular way to provide secure and reliable connectivity over private networks, but they were also expensive and had high hardware requirements.


As enterprises began to use more and more cloud applications, the complexity of administering and managing networks grew and the need for faster and more flexible connectivity arose. Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SDWAN) technology was developed to address this need. SD-WAN enables the use of multiple Internet connections, including broadband connections, to provide faster and more resilient connectivity.

It also enables centralized management and policy configuration, making it easier to manage connectivity across multiple locations.

With the increasing adoption of multi-cloud strategies, cloud connectivity has become a critical factor. Enterprises need secure, reliable and high-speed connections. Direct connections to the cloud enable high-speed, low-latency connectivity to services in different public clouds, improving performance and user experience.


Tigo Business Advanced Connectivity

The Advanced Connectivity brought by Tigo Business works as a value-added service to the customer's connectivity services to their different sites, which today, companies are looking for in different providers. The goal is that companies have all digital connectivity and security services in a single platform that allows them to be more agile, flexible and efficient to grow their business.

Tigo Business Advanced Connectivity allows to manage the network capabilities of companies allowing prioritization, management, new requirements, administration, flexibility and agility of deployment through local and international networks with high availability.

Tigo Business' advanced connectivity is based on the fiber optic network. In addition, Tigo Business has the best integration of submarine and terrestrial fiber in Central America with a network topology with multiple redundancy rings and different terrestrial and submarine capacity connections with terminations in 4 landing stations. All this becomes the basis of the digital economy since it enables to meet the requirement to operate based on new technologies with high levels of availability.

Tigo Business has developed a new portfolio that allows Advanced Connectivity based on investments and development of human team capabilities where it evolves from a portfolio with 2 to 7 connectivity products that integrate security solutions, managed services and network management that enable the customer to deploy its infrastructure in a more agile, flexible and secure way. In addition, it has the integration of an ecosystem of world-class partners such as: VERSA, Fortinet, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft, VMWARE, among others.


  • Secure Access Service Edge (SASE): combines security features such as intrusion prevention, malware protection, content filtering and secure remote access with networking functions such as routing, performance optimization and load balancing, all on a centralized cloud platform. In this way, SASE can offer a secure and scalable access solution for remote users and branch offices accessing applications and resources in the cloud, regardless of their location or device.
  • Secure SD WAN: is the security layer of all intelligent SD WAN technology that enables enterprises to optimize internet service and use it reliably to connect geographically dispersed sites.
  • SD-WAN: intelligent technology with a centralized, cloud-hosted platform for the management and visualization of all network components of companies with geographically dispersed sites. All this allows companies to make timely, data-driven decisions, more efficient use of their network resources and a better end-user experience while ensuring information security.
  • Secure Internet (Tigo Firewall as a Service): is designed so that any type of company, regardless of its size or the complexity of its needs, can count on advanced schemes to protect against cyber attacks at the perimeter. The different modalities of Tigo FWaaS provide confidentiality, integrity and availability of your business information through the prevention, detection and response to security incidents, which are complemented with managed services that allow your company to have trained experts for the design, configuration, monitoring, testing and updating of policies and security services acquired.
  • Connectivity to the cloud: allows the client's connectivity infrastructure to be easily integrated to public and private cloud services, which allows the availability of information at all times, preventing incidents. In addition, direct connectivity to the cloud can also improve network performance by reducing latency and bandwidth used by other applications and public internet services. This is supported by first level strategic allies (Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services), which certify Tigo Business as authorized providers.
  • Internet and data links: to the customer's Internet through fiber optics, which is the basics for businesses to operate in a stable manner and with greater availability.

Tigo Business Product manager, Giancarlo Orsenigo stated, "The design of this Advanced Connectivity obeys our principle of putting the customer at the center and as an absolute priority in all our decisions. This is how we have become the operator with the most widely deployed and available fiber optic network in the region. We are also the only local and regional service provider with 12 Data Centers with TIER III certifications in design, construction and management. Additionally, Tigo Business acquired two companies with more than 20 years of experience in cybersecurity and with all the required certifications that accredit our operation, and as a key piece, we have the multidisciplinary team of Tigo Business constantly trained and certified in order to comprehensively accompany our customers in their projects and digital transformation processes, from design, implementation and support".

Tigo Business offers companies its digital highways in nine countries where the brand has presence and a great trajectory: El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Bolivia, Paraguay, Colombia, Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Panama. In addition, Tigo Business customers will be able to access a broad portfolio of services with which the company is enhancing its vision to become the trusted partner for businesses in their digital journey through secure and reliable solutions at regional level. For more information, please visit


Translated by: A.M