Friday, 24 March 2023 15:49

Claro Empresas El Salvador, the strategic ally to protect your company from cyber attacks

Written by Evelyn Alas

Aware of the need to strengthen the security of companies and SMEs from cyber attacks, Claro, the Leading Operator of El Salvador, through its business line, Claro Empresas, offers a broad portfolio of Cybersecurity solutions that help prevent, avoid and manage those attacks that violate the information of operations.

"Claro Empresas' Cybersecurity solutions are not only aimed at business security, but also to promote end-to-end information care, that is, from mobile devices, computers, and databases, taking care of the life cycle of business information, allowing us to prevent leaks and thus, fraud risks", said Carlos Doratt, Corporate Markets manager of Claro El Salvador.

For companies and SMEs, computer attacks have become one of the biggest threats in recent times, therefore, in Claro Empresas we have comprehensive solutions such as:

Vulnerability Analysis. Evaluates the security of your resources by detecting potential security flaws within your most critical assets, allowing companies to take action in advance to avoid their vulnerability.


Secure Internet Basic.  Offers the first line of defense against Internet threats through a cloud-based security service. This solution protects the Internet link from the DNS layer, providing a clean and secure link for the user.

Advanced Secure Internet. Protects the corporate network from the main attacks coming from the Internet. Among its benefits is the definition of rules to allow or deny navigation to sites that are considered dangerous or unproductive, as well as enabling VPN connections for collaborators outside the office.

Anti DDos: Protects the operation's resources from volumetric attacks. With this solution, your organization's critical services will not be compromised by high-volume attacks.

"Our purpose as Claro Empresas is not only to accompany small, medium and large corporations in their digital transition, but also to provide services that allow them to protect their business and ensure compliance with regulations and cybersecurity laws", emphasized Doratt.

In Claro Empresas El Salvador, we work to be innovative, reinforcing our commitment to bring companies the best solutions according to their needs, with increasingly simple and reliable services that allow them to develop, grow and automate their tasks.

For more information about these solutions, please visit our website and go to the Business and Cybersecurity tab. You can also contact us through the Call Center 2250-3311, WhatsApp 6060-5555 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Do not wait any longer, and let's evolve together!


Translated by: A.M