Hotel Royal Decameron Salinitas, offers you a stay in concept to spend the best vacations and receive the new year 2022. Enjoy your time of rest in the hotel and the destination you like the most, the resort team makes your stay a memorable experience providing you with service, entertainment and fun.

The holiday season is here and to make you travel safer, here are six tips.

The adorable little kitty that accompanied the childhood of multiple generations is known worldwide. She first saw the light of day in 1974, as a creation of the Sanrio company, and has become a cultural and commercial phenomenon that evokes tenderness and kindness.

Plaza Mundo also celebrated August vacations with salvadoran families. Among the activities that visitors enjoyed were the following: the video game zone, where children and adults had the opportunity to show their skills when playing FIFA 21, Mario Kart, Call Of Duty, Free Fire and ProEvolution Soccer.

Since yesterday, the artistic character of the illustrated dictionary "Guanaco To English" joined the solid waste collection company, MIDES, to start cleaning campaigns in different parts of the department of San Salvador.

The Superintendencia del Sistema Financiero informs users about the calendar of bank closings during the August 2021 vacation period.

The company Servicios de Tránsito Centroamericanos S.A. de C.V, (SERTRACEN), in charge of the registration of motor vehicles and issuance of driver's licenses, announces its schedule for August vacations.

Industrias la Constancia (ILC) invites salvadorans to enjoy the august vacations with smart consumption of alcoholic beverages.

The Hotel Cerro Verde , located in the department of Santa Ana, was built in 1955 and closed its doors in 1997 due to damage from the 1985 and 2001 earthquakes.

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