Friday, 04 March 2022 02:49

Job market in cryptographic financial services grows

Written by Evelyn Alas

The labor market in cryptographic financial services is expanding in Latin America. In countries such as Mexico, Colombia, Argentina and El Salvador, qualified profiles are already required to work in this new ecosystem and, as a main incentive, they are offering salaries in stable cryptocurrencies such as USDT, USDC and DAI; known in English as "stablecoins", digital assets that always maintain their value in US$1.

But that is not all, Latin talent with knowledge in cryptocurrencies is highly sought after by companies abroad. For example, Koibanx, Let'sBit and Defiant in Argentina, as well as Status and Bitwage in (COUNTRY) are looking for everything from designers and community managers to developers and technology experts.

Let's take a look at some of the vacancies and the benefits they are offering in this emerging job market, whose growth expectation is positive.


It is a fintech pioneer in blockchain solutions for the financial system in Latin America.

The company is leading a technological revolution of the industry in the region, thanks to its asset transaction and tokenization services to the banking and financial sector in Argentina, Colombia, Mexico, El Salvador and Uruguay.

Through its platform, its clients' infrastructure is more secure, agile and cost-effective for payments, factoring and asset tokenization. This makes it possible to reach new market segments.

"We set ourselves a challenge: to fill a total of 25 vacancies by june 2022. As an incentive for candidates, we offer mixed payments, i.e. employees can choose to be paid in local currency or in the stable cryptocurrency USDC, which always has the same value of US$1", explains Nicole Yerien, People Manager at Koibanx.

What positions are you looking for by country? In Colombia and El Salvador, where they recently helped the authorities with their innovative cryptographic technology to implement the use of Bitcoin as legal tender, they are looking to hire a junior bizdev, a project analyst and a customer care expert.

In Argentina, the fintech opened vacancies for graphic designers, senior bizdev, senior financial analyst, technical sales engineers; and legal analysts. In Uruguay, they need a talent acquisition, that is, a recruiter with experience in technology; a semi-senior QA and a senior QA; an experienced project analyst; and a customer care specialist in charge of improving customer experience.

In Mexico, there are also many opportunities: Koibanx wants to hire a senior Bizdev, technical sales engineers, legal analysts with experience in the position and senior project analysts.

In the technology area, Koibanx wants to hire remote workers, regardless of their location. In this line, the profiles it is looking for are senior back-end developer; a back-end with senior blockchain experience; a senior front-end developer; a senior developer with knowledge in React Native; and a technical support specialist for the commercial area.


This cryptocurrency wallet allows storing Ethers, Dais and NFT collectibles in a secure and fully decentralized way; that is, no government or financial entity can have interference over the funds. The company is looking to hire collaborators who can take the service to a new level, regardless of their location.

As an incentive, Status offers the entire salary in cryptocurrencies -since it is a foreign company- and the only requirement to apply is to have previous experience in the position. The company is interested in hiring Argentines and one of the questions to be answered when applying for the job is "Are you living in Argentina?".

Among the technological vacancies opened by Status are blockchain engineer, business analyst, Libp2p networking engineer, 'manual QA' engineer specialized in multiplatforms, Clojure UI developer with experience, C++ Qt/QML developer who wants to work in the development of a blockchain app, React Native UI developer, in Test developer, protocol engineer and senior research engineer.

Positions were also open for communications managers, marketing managers, community managers and marketing assistants, regardless of location.


This Argentine fintech needs to add more talent to continue its expansion. Since the end of 2020, human resources began a new process of growth and expansion throughout Latin America. Among the benefits offered are cryptocurrency salaries and remote work.

"In one year we went from less than 10 people to more than 50 team members. In 2022, we are on our way to specialization, we want to train our team and add the best talent to democratize finance and bring the crypto ecosystem closer to the community", said Pilar Rodriguez, HR & Talent Acquisition at Let'sBit.

The company currently has 15 open positions and is looking to hire IT support analysts, senior back-end and front-end developers and UX/UI designers. In the community, business and marketing areas, they also opened openings for community managers, junior graphic designers, copywriters, senior graphic designers, brand management specialists, business development lead, OTC operations expert, back-office, community developer, customer support and laundering prevention analyst.


This company is very popular in Latin America, where more and more freelancers and independent workers from all sectors provide their services abroad. Here they use their own platform to pay salaries and the company processes them in different countries around the world using cryptocurrencies.

In simple terms, an overseas employer deposits dollars or euros into Bitwage and automatically, the app processes the payment and converts it into a stable cryptocurrency such as USDC or USDT. Next, the freelancer gets his or her salary and thus avoids bureaucracy.

Currently, due to the company's global scale business success, they want to hire a business account manager located anywhere in the world who wants to work remotely. They offer a salary based on work experience and provide a benefits package such as health plan and fully remote work. You can apply at this link.


This wallet, a Latin American creation to buy and store cryptocurrencies and NFT, is fully decentralized. Individuals have full custody of their funds and only they can access their funds. In addition, another feature highly valued by its users is the possibility of not having to go through the "KYC" process; in other words, there is no need to enter personal data to send and receive cryptocurrencies without borders.

In this line, the decentralized organization is looking for collaborators and wants to hire now graphic designers, product managers, blockchain engineers, Flutter developers and developers with Ruby on Rails specialization.

As perks, Defiant is not only offering cryptocurrency salaries, but also unlimited vacation time. Simply put, each employee can choose when to take vacation; as long as their responsibilities are covered. This decision was made by the company to ensure the well-being of the teams.