Three union organizations protested in front of the AFP facilities requesting that the reform to be presented by President Nayib Bukele in a few days to the Legislative Assembly (LA), should not increase the number of years to be able to retire for both men and women.

The world faces an exponential increase in hunger due to the climate crisis if global actions are not urgently taken to help communities adapt to climate shocks and stresses, warned the United Nations World Food Program (WFP) ahead of World Food Day.

The pension reform initiative that was expected to be presented this day, the President of the Republic Nayib Bukele, informed through his twitter account that it will take a couple of weeks more to present the proposal.

In the framework of this date and in response to the current needs of girls, this year we present the campaign: “Conectadas y Seguras”, the second edition of this effort that began in 2020 and today seeks to raise awareness and highlight the risks faced by girls when they are online, especially due to the large amount of erroneous content and misinformation.

25 families from the department of San Vicente received property deeds from the Minister of Housing, Michelle Sol, with an investment of US$11,250, which included diagnostic services, topographic measurements, preparation and approval of plans, deeds and registration at the Centro Nacional de Registros (CNR).

Technology specialist, Monica Taher indicated through her twitter account that the island of Roatan, neighboring Honduras, through Secretaría de Comercio e Inversiones de El Salvador are managing a project that could benefit both countries and tourism companies with the use of the Chivo Wallet.

AFP Crecer with the aim of providing added value to its senior public and, above all, for its pensioners in the self-development of skills at home, also focuses content aimed at making the most of technology and making the best use of digital tools.

Climate change has put El Salvador's agricultural sector in check. Crops and livestock lost due to floods or dry fields due to lack of rain are the recurring problems that hit thousands of producers who in recent years have reported millions of dollars in losses.

Monday, 27 September 2021 16:19

IDB receives international P3 Concordia Impact Award

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The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), was awarded for the initiative that won the P3 Concordia Impact Award, which recognizes and rewards leading public-private partnerships. The IDB was also a finalist for the "Beyond Extraction" initiative, led by IDB Lab, the IDB's innovation lab, to promote sustainable and broad-spectrum economic development in mining communities in Brazil, Chile and Peru.

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