The Ente Operador Regional (EOR), states that its duty is to ensure that the operation and dispatch of energy in Central America is carried out efficiently, seeking to achieve adequate levels of safety, quality, and reliability for the economic and social development of the region, based on a framework of respect and protection of the environment.

Central American industrial companies seek to increase participation in the Mercado Eléctrico Regional (MER) and negotiate directly with electricity generators the most convenient price conditions in the market for non-residential consumers or large final purchasers of electricity.

Neoen completed financing for two additional batteries totaling 11 MW / 8 MWh, which will operate within its Capella (140 MWp) and Providencia (101 MWp) solar power plants in El Salvador.

The EY DesignStudio aims to help organizations reimagine, design and launch new experiences to the market, innovating their products and services.

The Legislative Assembly reformed “Disposiciones Especiales y Transitorias de Suspensión de Concentraciones Públicos o Privados”, and with 66 votes authorized the realization of some events that comply with the proper biosecurity measures, in order to prevent Covid-19.

The Asociación Salvadoreña de Industriales (ASI) is at the forefront of efforts focused on environmental sustainability and seeks to contribute to the construction of resilient and sustainable economic systems.

In view of the entry into force of Legislative Decree 90, which suspends concentration activities and public events, the Ministry of Tourism clarified that tourism related activities continue as normal, but urged the sector to reinforce sanitary measures to guarantee safe operations and avoid contagion of its clients and personnel.

The Cámara de Comercio e Industria de El Salvador (CAMARASAL) announced the realization of its XVII Congreso Mujer y Liderazgo called “Mujer a la cabeza de la transformación”, which for the second consecutive year will be held virtually, to protect the health of the attendees and avoid contagion of Covid-19.

The Board of Directors of the Superintendencia de Competencia (CDSC) sanctioned ALBA Petróleos with a fine of US$49,883.88 for the administrative infraction of lack of collaboration, the company has 7 days as from today to make the corresponding payment.

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