Friday, 30 December 2022 20:02

US$49 to be invested in the replacement of the intelligent traffic light system

Written by Evelyn Alas

The Ministro de Obras Públicas (MOP), Romeo Rodríguez, informed that in 2023 the institution will start with a series of important projects that will undoubtedly generate changes in our country.

An example of this is the change of the traffic lights. This project will improve the travel times of the salvadoran population. The intelligent traffic lights project will be carried out with an investment of US$49 million.

Gobierno del Presidente Nayib Bukele impulsa el proyecto de semáforos  inteligentes para dar solución al problema del tráfico vehicular en el país  - Presidencia de la República de El Salvador

This will prioritize the largest number of vehicles circulating at an intersection. The government's objective is to ensure that the country's traffic laws are respected and also to have greater control on the highways.

A total of 77 kilometers of fiber optics will be installed so that all traffic lights will be directly connected to a monitoring center to constantly review the operation of the equipment and photo fines. This will guarantee safety and agility on the roads.

Semáforos Inteligentes

In addition, it will be connected to the MOP emergency center, to have greater control of emergencies that may occur on the road during the winter season, mainly, as well as road accidents.

There are 2,871 intelligent traffic lights that will be installed throughout the national territory. A whole articulated system; 1,200 structures to place them. It includes pedestrian traffic lights, the population will only have to press a button and then the passage will be enabled.


Translated by: A.M