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Plaza Mundo Usulután will open its doors at the end of may, with an occupancy rate of 97% and a construction progress of 80%

Written by Karla Gutiérrez/ Coralia Cuéllar

Plaza Mundo, a leading and reliable brand in the commercial area, is preparing for a historic milestone with the opening of its new shopping center in Usulután.

With 80% construction progress and 97% occupancy, Plaza Mundo Usulután is ready to become the new shopping and entertainment destination in the eastern region of El Salvador.

With more than 20 years of experience in the country, Plaza Mundo has established itself as a reference point in the minds of salvadorans, especially in the northeastern area of Greater San Salvador. Its commitment to the communities has contributed to its prestige and trust in the market.


Plaza Mundo Usulután will house 125 businesses and 35 kiosks, offering a diversity of services, entertainment, and commerce. Visitors will be able to purchase appliances, furniture, clothing, shoes, pharmacies, photographs, beauty salons, sorbets, desserts, cafes, technology, restaurants, opticians, and shop at the supermarket, as well as access banking and entertainment services.


The modern and avant-garde design of Plaza Mundo Usulután, with wide and ventilated spaces, has been developed in harmony with nature. During construction, a meticulous process of tree preservation and transplanting was carried out, including an imposing conacaste tree, to enhance the natural environment of the shopping center.


In addition to its commercial offerings, Plaza Mundo Usulután will feature entertainment spaces, including a 360° amphitheater, which will offer a variety of events and shows for visitors.

"Plaza Mundo Usulután represents a milestone in our vision of creating emblematic spaces. It is a successful model that reflects the collaboration between recognized brands and promotes the economic and social development of the region," said Héctor Ancalmo, Country Marketing Manager of Agrisal's Real Estate Unit, in anticipation of the upcoming opening.


Plaza Mundo Usulután, a development engine for the eastern region of the country

Ely Madrid, Marketing Manager of Plaza Mundo, said: "Plaza Mundo transcends the concept of a shopping mall; we have become the heart of the community. In our spaces, in addition to providing an exceptional shopping experience, we build bonds, share laughter and strengthen ties".


With an investment of US$52 million, Grupo Agrisal seeks to benefit the population of the departments of Usulután, San Miguel, Morazán, and La Unión. Plaza Mundo Usulután will not only be an entertainment and shopping center, but also a place where the community can meet, businesses can prosper, and the natural environment can be preserved.


With the opening of Plaza Mundo Usulután, direct employment opportunities are being created for the population of the eastern part of the country, with more than 1,000 permanent positions.

The opening of Plaza Mundo Usulután represents an important milestone in El Salvador's commercial and entertainment landscape, consolidating the presence of the Plaza Mundo brand as the undisputed leader in the eastern region.

Sustainability and energy efficiency: 30% energy generation

In line with our commitment to the environment, and with the goal of reducing our ecological footprint and promoting energy self-sufficiency, a photovoltaic plant will be installed that projects a production of up to 30% of the energy that the mall will consume.

Efficient lighting management, a practice that originated in Plaza Mundo Soyapango, has become one of its greatest strengths and has been integrated into the design of Plaza Mundo Usulután.

Agrisal continues to advance and expand, turning the Plaza Mundo brand into a legacy for generations to come, thanks to the transformation of the intervened areas into true poles of well-being and prosperity.


Translated by: A.M