Monday, 15 April 2024 02:11

MAPFRE's Life Sellers Club in Latin America reaches 5,000 participants

Written by Karla Gutiérrez

Club Milla, MAPFRE's prestigious club that aims to bring together the best individual life insurance salespeople in Latin America, has reached 5,000 participating professionals in 2023, aspiring to become members of the Club through their sales.

Created in 2022 with the vocation of becoming a reference in the sector, this club aims to help commercial agents in their professionalization as specialist advisors in the sale of individual life insurance products.


Club Milla is present in fourteen Latin American countries. MAPFRE is the largest multinational group in the region by premium volume, with 9,229 million euros in premiums in 2022. By line of business, MAPFRE ranked seventh in Life and first in Non-Life, according to the latest MAPFRE Economics sector report.


"Life insurance has great potential in Latin America and can be one of the pillars for continuing our expansion in a region where we are already leaders in other segments", said Raúl Costilla, MAPFRE's chief business officer. "Club Milla is an initiative with which we want to accompany the best salespeople, with an attractive and differential value proposition that responds to their needs and supports their important work advising our clients and contributing to their well-being and that of their families".

Club Milla benefits for members Club Milla works through the points or 'miles' that agents accumulate by selling life insurance. In the first phase, those who join the project are aspirants, who reach membership level when they reach a certain level of sales over the course of a year.

The most outstanding salespeople can reach the level of select members, with which they obtain additional benefits.

Among the possibilities offered by Club Milla MAPFRE to its salespeople are conferences with internationally recognized speakers (for example, Spain's Victor Küppers, Chile's Pilar Sordo or Brazil's Alberto Roitman), an annual face-to-face meeting (held in 2023 in Cartagena de Indias, Colombia), mentoring sessions with the best salespeople on the continent, training (including an agreement with LIMRA that provides club members with the opportunity to take sales courses), virtual meetings, specialized publications and information on the latest trends in life insurance, among other initiatives to promote the professionalization of agents in the sale of life insurance.


Translated by: A.M