Monday, 14 August 2023 02:38

Tips for microentrepreneurs to face economic challenges

Written by Evelyn Alas

1- Participate with trade shows in regional fairs and events to expand their geographic frontier and expand locally, regionally and nationally.

2-Intensively use digital channels to drastically reduce distribution costs and achieve greater coverage. Tools such as Whatsapp Business, chatbots and the implementation of social media accounts, allow to assemble online catalogs and respond to messages from potential customers in the shortest possible time. Knowledge that Empropaz has delivered to its participants.

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3-Training constantly to specialize more and more in productive activities and services that strengthen their entrepreneurial skills.

4-Learn to manage finances responsibly to manage costs with a sense of austerity. Currently, there are contents and videos on YouTube that can be of help when it comes to managing the finances of the microenterprise.

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5-Provide a differential value to stand out from the competition and have a positive impact on the user experience. For this, the needs, interests, preferences and habits of customers must be identified.

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6-Seeking alliances with other microentrepreneurs under simple associative schemes to achieve economies of scale, access to new markets, productive integration, advocacy, creation of new businesses, risk mitigation and access to better and greater technology, among other multiple benefits derived from business integration.


Translated by: A.M