Thursday, 11 January 2024 02:53

Economy was the main problem for salvadorans in 2023

Written by Denis Muñoz
Economy was the main problem for salvadorans in 2023 Courtesy

This day, the Universidad Centroamericana José Simeón Cañas (UCA) presented its most recent survey called "La población salvadoreña evalúa la situación del país al cierre del año 2023", which describes that one of the main problems of the population is the economic issue.

The study prepared by the Instituto Universitario de Opinión Pública  (IUDOP) of the UCA revealed that the biggest problem and dissatisfaction of salvadorans in 2023 was the economy with a percentage of 32.8%, after the price increases that the country went through in the previous year, letting know that the biggest expenses of the population is food and basic services such as water and electricity.

This problem was followed by unemployment with 17.3% and the high cost of living with 13.2%, the remaining percentage was divided into topics such as: poverty, corruption, pollution, violence, among others.


The survey asked salvadorans, "Has your family economic situation improved, worsened or stayed the same? To which 31% of those surveyed responded that it had improved, 53.6% said it remained the same and 15.4% mentioned that it had worsened.

Of those whose economic situation improved, 27% attributed this to an increase in income, 30% of those whose economic situation remained the same attributed this to the fact that their income had not changed since 2023, and 47.7% attributed this to the high cost of the basic food basket.


The survey showed that salvadorans are going through an economic crisis and this has had an impact on the population's diet, since according to the survey 36% of the population has found it necessary not to buy food that they used to buy due to the high prices of products and therefore have opted to consume lower priced items such as chicken and pasta.

Likewise, 90.2% of salvadorans agree that beans, corn, sugar, milk and eggs will increase significantly in 2023.


Translated by: A.M