Sunday, 24 April 2022 23:31

Tips for betting on the fintech sector when you are an entrepreneur

Written by Evelyn Alas

The entrepreneurship ecosystem must be prepared to receive new initiatives in the field of fintech, an industry with high demand for disruptive solutions and that has reached its highest growth in the market.

Recognizing generational consumption patterns

Generational segmentation is vital when creating services. The value of financial services is tied to people's idea of the usefulness of money, their concept of well-being and their perception of the role of financial institutions in their lives, which vary from one generation to another.

Provide an intuitive, accessible and user-friendly service

Less is more. Users expect intuitive, easy-to-use platforms with the fewest number of steps to achieve a desired goal. Hence, user experience design and platform performance evaluation are mandatory when creating an effective solution.

Accompanying the customer

Technology makes it easier to be closer to customers. It is important to provide information that allows them to learn about the characteristics and conditions of the services, to resolve concerns and, if necessary, to solve problems.

Think about stability and security

Security is one of the main concerns of customers when using a financial service. Likewise, customers expect services to work properly when they need them. This implies that the technological infrastructure must be robust enough to protect customer information, work permanently and meet the transactional volumes.