Monday, 18 July 2022 17:35


Written by Evelyn Alas

With the objective of highlighting the relevance and leading role of women in the productive life, economy and social development of El Salvador, SISTEMA FEDECRÉDITO is proud to hold the congress "EMPRENDE SALVADOREÑA 2022", which will be an inspiring meeting led by talented women.

The congress includes an interesting keynote address by M.SC GLENDA UMAÑA, CNN ESPAÑOL presenter for 18 years, international journalist, president and founder of GLENDA UMAÑA COMMUNICATIONS, who will develop the theme "Woman, empower yourself".

Also, there will be a success story called "Fracaso luego existo" by SOFÍA APARICIO, salvadoran businesswoman, founder of the successful clothing brand "April Store".

This congress also includes an interesting panel forum in which the topic "The importance of women in the economy of the country" will be discussed, and will include the participation of institutions that will address this issue from different perspectives.

"We are very happy to once again hold the Congreso Emprende Salvadoreña, which is an event that will bring together many salvadoran women to listen to presentations that will provide them with inputs that they can use in their businesses. We invite you to register and be part of our congress that will feature presentations by talented women who will inspire them", said Oscar Ruano, Business manager of FEDECRÉDITO.

The congress will be held on july 29th at the Hotel Sheraton Presidente from 7:30 a.m. to 12:00 noon. To participate, you must register for FREE at

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