Thursday, 25 January 2024 04:51

Insured cars will be able to move in case of an accident

Written by Karla Gutiérrez

Drivers who have insured their vehicles will be able to move them from the road in case of an accident and continue to receive the benefits offered by the insurance companies. 

This measure is taken due to the heavy congestion that these accidents generate on public roads.

This agreement was made by the Vice minister of Transportation, Nelson Reyes in meetings held with the insurance companies to allow motorists to move their vehicles from a street that has been obstructed by the accident.

"We have talked with all the insurance companies and they have all agreed. The important thing in an accident when there are no injuries is to move the vehicles, if there are injuries it is important to wait for the PNC, but in material damages people are free to move a vehicle", explained the Vice Minister in the Canal 21 interview.

Drivers will be able to move their vehicles involved in traffic accidents, even without a police authority to certify the inspection.

In order to continue receiving insurance benefits, the member must send photographs of all possible angles of the road accident, which will serve as evidence for the Police's ocular inspection report.

"At the time it was believed that we had to wait for the Police, at the time when the regulation was created this way was not specified, but this was because there was not enough technology. Now we can take this type of necessary steps to clear a road, especially during peak hours when there are more vehicles on the streets", he said.

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Translated by: A.M