Thursday, 29 July 2021 13:06

Lawyers for Enrique Rais, requested the FGR to file criminal charges against former prosecutor Douglas Meléndez

Written by Dinero Staff

The lawyers of the swiss-salvadoran businessman, Enrique Rais, presented today a petition for the Fiscalía General de la República (FGR) to file the charges and issue an arrest warrant against the former Attorney General, Douglas Meléndez, for the commission of the crimes of Procedural Fraud and Arbitrary Acts.

Among other accusations are: use of information from illegal intervention and breach of duties, which have caused an illegal persecution and arbitrary detention against the businessman, which was certified by a United Nations resolution, which in turn required the Salvadoran State to conduct a thorough criminal investigation against those responsible for violating the fundamental rights of the businessman.

The lawyer, Carlos Miranda Rubio, indicated that, since june 2019, where the criminal complaint was filed against the former prosecutor Douglas Meléndez, his successor in the position, the lawyer Raúl Ernesto Melara, evidenced a total omission in his functions, so that the investigations against the former did not advance, despite the fact that he states that in protection of the interests of his client.

Likewise, they extensively documented all the illegal conducts directly committed by former prosecutor Meléndez and others in which he gave instructions to act outside the law, including the inclusion of illegal evidence and adulterated evidence with the sole purpose of harming Enrique Rais.

According to the lawyer, Miranda Rubio, the recent declarations of former President Elías Antonio Saca in which he evidences how former Attorney General Meléndez with the support of the former Head of the Anti-Money Laundering Unit, Jorge Orlando Cortez and former Attorney General Mario Huezo, pressured the accused not to provide information regarding the beneficiaries of bonuses and payments made with public funds to journalists and others.

Rais' lawyers informed that in the next few days all the information on the way in which the former Attorney General, through nepotism, created within the institution a chain of criminal operators, integrated by his relatives and people close to him in order to "sell justice", will be made public.