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Monday, 29 January 2024 03:16

What is electronic invoicing?

The simplest description of what is meant by electronic invoicing is given by its own name: It is an invoice that exists electronically and that fulfills, in all situations and before all actors, the same purposes as a paper invoice, both for issuers and receivers, as well as for interested third parties.

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Technology, which 20 years ago was seen as something too "futuristic", today, in 2023, is a daily currency; and it is being used in virtually any industry worldwide. Logistics, mass consumption, banking, retail, pharmacies, what industry has not used this resource to progress?


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El Salvador continues advancing on the path to implement electronic invoicing processes and systems, which entail an important effort for companies and the Tax Administration itself, in order to clearly establish the steps to be taken into account in this new bet, taking into consideration the commercial transactions in the different sectors of the country's economy.

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